Rental Fees

LHPAC Rental Fees: 2013/2014



The 287-seat theater-use fees vary by length and type of use. Fees include the theater, heating/ventilation, basic house lights and one microphone.

Please NOTE the following:

  • Theater rentals may require additional labor charges for house and a technical staff person, with holidays charged at the approved overtime rate of pay.
  • An extra hourly maintenance fee will be required for large audiences and activities when the use will impact the normal maintenance standard of the facility, as determined by staff.
  • The city provides facility insurance, but each use requires a review by staff to determine if an application for a rider is required, paid by the client and  based upon estimated attendance and type of event.
  • An additional charge is required for the use of certain types of facility equipment, subject to availability.

Performance Rentals

  • $160 per hour
  • $75: Load-in/load out fee, per day

Film/Video Rental

  • $350: Theater, big projector, big screen (4 hours)
  • $85: Theater, small projector, big screen (8 hours)

Conference, Meeting or Seminar Rental

  • $120 per hour


  • $35 per hour: When renter is NOT renting space at LHPAI for the rehearsed performance
  • $25 per hour: When renter has also rented space at LHPAI for their rehearsed performance


  • $42per hour

Meeting Rooms

Staff costs are additional (staff rates increase to the approved rate of holiday pay on holidays).

  • $25: Non-refundable booking fee required for all meeting room rentals in addition to the hourly rates
  • $45per hour: West Room (750 square feet), capacity approximately 45 people sitting
  • $160 per hour: Grand Rehearsal Hall (5,000 square feet, full spring floor); capacity approximately 150 people sitting, 300 people standing
  • $75 per hour: Kitchen (minimum 2 hours)
  • $75: Additional fee for events with alcohol (insurance required)
  • $250: Refundable rental and cleaning deposit (no alcohol) for rental outside of normal working hours
  • $500: Refundable damage deposit for events with alcohol
  • $25-$250: Non-refundable, per-hour maintenance fee may be charged and collected prior to the event as determined based upon event size and type

*Use of kitchen is not included with any rentals unless specifically identified in rental fee description. Kitchen can only be rented in conjunction with a scheduled rental.

Wedding Packages

All wedding packages include a pre-meeting with staff to determine specific requirements. Staff costs are not included in the cost of the package.

  • $8,850: Package A (maximum 12 hours)
    • Includes Grand Rehearsal Hall, kitchen, theater, dance floor, voice/entertainment, dressing rooms (men and women), green room parking (reserved north and south lots), sound system, cake (size and specs TBD)
  • $4,925: Package B (maximum 8 hours)
    • Includes Grand Rehearsal Hall, kitchen, voice/entertainment, west room, sound system, parking (reserved north lot only), cake (size and specs TBD)
  • $2,850: Package C (maximum 6 hours)
    • Includes Grand Rehearsal Hall and kitchen, sound system, cake (size and specs TBD)

Conference Packages

All conference packages include a pre-event meeting regarding specific conference/event requirement. Additional staff charges may be required, determined by the size of the event. One staff person is included in the cost of each package.

  • $3,200: Package A (8 hours)
    • Includes theater, Grand Rehearsal Hall and kitchen, additional hours at $400 per hour
  • $2,100: Package B (6 hours.
    • Includes Grand Rehearsal Hall and kitchen, additional hours $350 per hour
  • $1,000: Package C (4 hours)
    • Includes West Room and kitchen, additional hours $250 per hour

Specialty Sunday Use

In addition to the monthly rate, a staffing fee of $25per hour is required (staff fee increases 1.5 times per hour on holidays). Not available for business or fee-based programs.

  • $3,100: Per month (requires minimum 4-week rental)
    •  Includes 4 hours use of Grand Rehearsal Hall and West Room each Sunday, between 7 a.m. and 12 p.m.

Equipment Rentals

All equipment rentals are in conjunction with a facility rental

  • $50 per day: Baby Grand Piano
  • $50  per day: Big screen projector
  • $50  per day: Small Stage/Platform (Labor fee separate-2 hour minimum)
  • $75 per day: Portable marley dance floor