Yugoslavian m57 tt tokarev pistol 7.62x25 cal

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62 x 25MM - $40. There are slight variations between the ‘standard’ designs, but not as major as the ones are with the Yugo M57 pistol. These M57's are uniquely different in that we requested a safe trigger design ( think Glock ) and the importer made it happen. 62x25 Tokarev) for sale. Functions flawlessly. 62X25 Tokarev CLone If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. 62x25, Special Ceremonial Finish, Very Good Oddly enough, the new issue of Gun Tests reviews a Yugo M57 and a Romanian TT-33. Pistol Slide And Barrel 7. The M57 version differs from the TT-33 by holding one more 7. Tokarev Tt30, Tt33 Pistol Barrel, 7. 62X25mm Tokarev 4. TT still remains as the primary sidearm of several countries. 62x25 is plentiful, cheap, and it's a hot little bottle neck round. $75. Adopted in 1957, the M57 was a license-produced copy of the Soviet Tokarev TT pistol, although the M57 had a longer grip to accommodate a larger magazine (holding 9 rounds, versus 8 rounds in the TT). The pistol featured an exposed hammer with a solid burr, fixed sights, and definite Browning type operation and take down. 62x25 Cal. The TT-33 is chambered for the 7. TTC - 7. 62x25 firearm because I didn't want another caliber to stock and buy all the crap to reload for. 62x25 Tok 8rd Mag Tt33 Serbian. The post war CZ used the roller locked action of the MG42 and could handle loads that would destroy a TT-30/33 series pistol. I really enjoy the 7. Look no further for your 7. Features 4. Most brands of Mauser ammunition can be fired in the Tokerev pistol. I have a 9rd 9mm magazine, magazine spacer, barrel bushing and a 9mm barrel from I believe a Norinco 213. the m57 holds one more round than the standard t33 and comes from the factory with a safety much like that of a 1911 . 62X25 Pistols and Ammo within the Pistols & Revolvers forums, part of the Pistol & Revolver Forum category; I've become kind of fascinated with this round. Bonus, the bore was great. Official names are TT-30 and TT-33. 7. 62x25. This M57 Tokarev pistol Cal. 62x25 military Yugo Tokarev never had a safety as far as I know. As many of you all know, I'm rather fascinated with the 7. Pick a nice +p or +p+ bonded hollow point (after ensuring that your pistol is rated for it). 62 within a specific datel range. These pistols are military surplus and come with 1 magazine. 00. It was used by the Yugoslav People’s Army starting in 1957 and ending in 1992. Re: Yugoslavian Tokarev M57 7. or Mauser. If the FFL is not on file it will often take additional time to ship. I have a Rommie Tokarev TT-33 instead. 62x25 Caliber - iShootThis by iShootThis. Zastava M57 7. Currently, Zastava is one of a handful of companies producing pistols in 7. It is an average to good condition surplus pistol. Yugo Tokarev Tt-33 Ttc 8 Round Magazine 7. Thanks yall! The M57 offers unprecedented value in a handgun that transcends Fedor Tokarev's 1930s design. Adopted in 1957, it was a straightforward copy of the Soviet Tokarev TT pistol, although the M57 has a longer grip with a bigger magazine holding nine rounds. 63x25mm ammo used by the C96 when he designed the TT-33, a short recoil operated, locked breech pistol. Firearms ship within 5-7 business days after order is placed. 1911 Auto-style grips The base of the grips is always stained black to match the frame's shade! Padauk wood, oil finish. 62mm 1930 Model, also known as the TT 30. The safety is better and easier to engage. I have seen the steel compenstator on a lot of these m57 and the tt. 62x25mm round. DOES NOT HAVE LANYARD LOOP ON BOTTOM In the USA 7. 62x25, was manufactured by Yugoslavian Crvena Zastava (Red Banner) factory of former Yugoslavia. The magazine has a capacity of 9-rounds. Yugo M57 Tokarev Pistol 7. 99 This is a new condition Zastava Tokarev M57 semi auto pistol in 7. Recoil Spring restores original factory spring specifications & function to pistol. 62x25 Yugo within the BX forums, part of the Classifieds category; for sale is a slightly used custom New Production Zastava M57 Tokarev that carries 9+1 of the 7. This is a discussion on Zastava M57 Tokarev 7. This is a single action weapon, characterized by reliability and precision. On a side note, now that Yugoslavia is no more, we probably should call Zastava made weapons Serbo’s LOL. 62×25mm Tokarev cartridge. Among the Tokarevs I have is the Yugo version, the M57, which holds 9 rounds instead of 8. 62x25mm Tokarev pistol cartridge has a bottle-necked shape and at one time was widely used in the former Soviet Union and Soviet satellite states. Tokarev’s design is chambered for a 7. Yugo M57 Tokarev - $300 7. 62x25 question yugo tok M57 TT w/ holster and 2 mags for $199+shipping I was going to buy a Tokarev, but I keep finding 7. 62x25 Tokarev Load Data for the CZ-52 Pistol. The 7. a 40 Cal, a . Pistol was the standard sidearm of the Yugoslavian a (read more) The TT-30 Tokarev pistolserved until 1952, when it was replaced by the Makarov pistol. It also is available in 9mm as the M70A. Double diamond checkering as seen on 1911 Auto grips. It was a very nice shipment of M57’s. We specialize in all military surplus weapons from AK-47s, AR-15s, Mausers, CETME, Enfields, UZIs, and much more! Shoulder holster designed to carry and quick retrieval Tokarev, Zastava M57, Romanian TTC, Norinco M213 pistol. In around 1970 Crvena Zastava began production of the similar pistol, chambered for 9×19mm Luger ammunition. 62 X 25 has a . This was the official Soviet pistol cartridge adopted in 1930 for the Tokarev Model TT-30 and modified Model TT-33 automatic pistols. 62x25 Hi BH-PG-009 : Practical Guide to the Operational Use of the TT-33 Tokarev Pist: OUT OF STOCK Add to Wish List By adding this item to your Wish List, you will be notified automatically via email when this item is back in stock. 62x25mm Tokarev. 62×25 Very Good to Fair Surplus Condition with one 9 round mag. If you have an AZ ID but it is not current, you can use this ID with a combination of a government issued document such as car We carry many obsolete gun parts as well as the standard gun parts people need today such as AR15, M16, M14, AK47, FAL, . NOW C&R ELIGIBLE! If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. Buymilsurp. The caliber of the round is 7. M57 Pistol Grips. The Zastava M57 is the Yugoslavian copy of the Soviet/Russian Tokarev TT-33 made by Zastava Oruzje in Kragujevac, Serbia. com : Zastava M57 Tokarev 7. 62 X25MM S/A 2-MAGS NEW CONDITION – Century HG3087-N. 62x25mm Pistol - Barrel Bushing - New Yugo Tokarev Tt-33 Ttc 8 Round Magazine 7. 45 cal. 62 x 25mm is an extremely high velocity Eastern Bloc round. Small or large bullets, magnum powder, TT-33/M57 vs. 75" Overall 4. Tokarev design was also licensed to North Korea, China, Hungary, Poland, Romaia and Ugoslavia. The Tokarev delivers this performance via high pressure. . 62x25 Pistol. 52, for “Vzor” or "Model of 1952") is a semi-automatic pistol in 7. I was looking to create a new "wildcat" from the 9mm Parabellum and a . No one however, seems to make a "modern" pistol in that caliber so I'm relegated to C&R pistols if I want to carry the Tok round. 95. Denso Hp - $12. Sold it. If you are interested in Surplus used Yugo M57 7. I was thinking about buying one of the Tokarev pistols in 7. 62x25mm Tokarev developed and used by the Socialist Republic of Yugoslavia (SFRJ). 57 7. These are surplus pistols so the bores are not in new condition. 62x25) and my fathers M70a (9mm) Tokarev. This a new magazine that is made from heat treated steel and has a steel floor plate, steel spring and steel follower and accepts 7. 5'' barrel, single action, nice blued finish, with two 9rd magazines, instruction manual and proof certificate. The safetys were added to import them as Surplus. The M57 has a slightly taller frame and magazine, increasing the capacity from 8 rounds to 9. Listed price reflects a discount for Check or Money order. 62x25 Tok 8rd Mag Tt33 Serbian - $20. 62x25 cartridge out of this gun, it feels like shooting a 9mm: As far as the 9mm versions are concerned, I own a pair of Norinco 9mm model 213's in stainless steel, and they're even lighter shooters than my TT-C model: I also have a few CZ-52's, which are deceptively large pistols, that also tame the 7. Thats a crazy price for four pistols. I am an FFL based in Peoria, AZ , so you do need a current AZ ID/DL to and to pass a quick background check (usually around 5 minutes) to purchase. There are only four model tokarevs on the list, The chinese types 51 and 54 in 7. Tried a CZ52 for a while, but it was a huge disappointmentmaybe one of my biggest handgun disappointments. Only 200 per pistol and 340 for the ammunition, I thought this shit was supposed to be cheap? The Tokarev pistol is an autoloading (semiautomatic) single action pistol. you cant get a bigger bang for the buck. 62x25 sells at about 40 to 60 cents per shot in boxes of 50. Says 12 left. The TT-33 (and its eastern block cousins like the Yugo M57) shoots a 7. Tokarev TT 33 cal. Product Description. 62×25mm Tokarev caliber designed by two brothers, Jan and Jaroslav Kratochvíl. Sold individually. 00 Brand Tokarev Seller 59redrover Available on Cal Guns Location San Jose Description. If you have an AZ ID but it is not current, you can use this ID with a combination of a government issued document such as car Product Features Tokarev TT-30,33,TTC,M57,M70A Leather Belt Custom Holster Tan Black R. Few TT-30 pistols, however, were built before the update in 1933. Yugo M57 Tokarev Unfinished NEW Yugo M57 7. To import them, a crude safety had to be added. 5in 9rd Blued Using our free SEO "Keyword Suggest" keyword analyzer you can run the keyword analysis "M57 Pistol" in detail. 62x25 Tokarev cartridge, while the M70A is chambered for the popular 9 mm Luger round. 62x25 Ammo is currently manufactured in several counties for sale to the consumer in the USA including Serbia, Romania and the Czech Republic, and from time to time military My name is Bobby with Peoples Arms of Arizona and thank you for looking at my ad. Those who do carry TT's either carry on empty chamber or round in chamber on a half cock, but some will carry an M57 safety on, hammer back, and round in chamber. MFR#: MAGM579. mag. Handcrafted - $75. 62X25 9rd Surplus C&R pistol with one mag. Kv Tt100 - $16. I basically bought it for the magazine and the other parts. CZ52, etc. M57 Tokarev Complete Pistol Slide & Barrel 7. Looking to sell or trade my M57 Tokarev pistol. 50 cal and many other machine gun parts. The TT might have superior ergonomics, but it is not a stronger gun. 62 Tokarev ammunition, also known as the 7. Fun to shoot, but not super accurate (good enough for combat) and not the safest pistol on the block for carry purposes. The M57 7. 62X25. Yugo M57 Tokarev I figured it might be fun to get away from my usual fare and instead write an impromptu gun review. The 1911 is my favorite gun but the 7. 62 tokarev have more penetrating power than 357. 62x25mm Tokarev cartridge, which was itself based on the similar 7. 9%. Here is a comparison between my Yugoslavian M57 (7. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. When I saw recently that there were new Zastava M57 Toks available, I didn't think for long before I whipped out the plastic. Vintage Yugo M-57 Tokarev. 357 and a . The CZ was built to fire hot submachine gun ammo that would blow out a TT. I don't much care for those. It is a Romanian clone of the post-1947 TT-33. 62x25 cartridge well. The M57 is a single action semiautomatic weapon with a safe locking and trigger mechanism. Just an all-around great pistol. Based on the famous Soviet TT design with additional features like a 9 round magazine (vs eight in the original TT) and a butter-smooth factory installed thumb safety. 99 Yugo Tokarev 8rd 8 Yugo Tt-33 Tt33 Round Magazine 7. Pistol was the standard sidearm of the Yugoslavian army. 62x25 I fired a 7. Yugo M57 for shootability and Russian TT-33 for collectability. 62x25 ammo is mostly used in the Czech CZ-52 and Romanian TT-33 pistols but other firearms have been imported and manufactured to use this caliber as well. 62x25 caliber. Zastava M57 Tokarev 7. The pistol was adopted as the 7. 62x25mm Tokarev, 9 rds. Zastava Yugolavia M57 Pistol in caliber 7. Clearing out the collection to make room for changes. 30 Tokarev (7. 7lbs 9 Rounds Includes: 1 Magazine FWIW, and this is apples to oranges, but you can get at least one blowback 7. Has a sticker on right side of grip that I never bothered to take off. 62x25 has more penetration For some reason, I really like the Tokarev TT-33 pistol and its 7. 63×25mm Mauser cartridge used in the Mauser C96 pistol. 62x25mm Pistol - 3 Piece Extractor Set - New Unissued Yugo Tokarev Tt-33 8 Round This Pin was discovered by Jason Gale. Not bad when you shoot two hundred rounds both days. Now I have something of a fondness for Eastern European handguns, and one of my favorites is the Yugoslavian M57. Tokarev in 1930, owing much of its internal and external design to the original John Browning FN Model 1903 automatic pistol. 62x25 caliber, I will keep the ammo in stock. Both were produced by Zastava in Yugoslavia/Serbia. Based on the Soviet TT side arm, the M57 is a new tokarev is much better than 9 mm. The cartridge is very similar in dimension to the 7. One looked unissued the other had slight holster wear, but very clean other than packing grease. One magazine. Charge given, and work up Slowly. 5 Mags included. I like the Yugo M57 because of the 1911 stile safety. Yugoslavian M57 TT Tokarev Pistol - 7. This magazine does not fit variants. While this may be true for other specific types of ammo, the Tokarev package labels say otherwise. 62×25mm cartridge is powerful, has an extremely flat trajectory, and is capable of penetrating thick clothing and soft body armor. 00) If you are looking at a CZ-52 which is made in the Czech Republic Here is a Factory gun magazine for Tokarev TT M57 guns. Front wrapping grips Clears pistols with Chinese safety arm and added safety arm in US import guns. Either Russian, Polish, Chinese, Yugoslavian or Romanian. This Yugoslavian M57 was built by Zastava and utilized by the Yugoslavian Military and Police forces. Adopted in 1957, it was a straightforward copy of the Soviet Tokarev TT pistol, although the M57 has a longer grip zastava m57/ tokarev 7. 62x25 caliber Semi-automatic (Tokarev) Pistols. um what? sorry but the TT is not built to handle the 7. Original Zastava / Yugoslavian M57 Tokarev Trigger, 7. Also the majority of data I can find is 10 years old or more. These pistols are produced in Yugosalvia by Zastava. 62×25 Tokarev TT 9rd Magazine, manufactured by Zastava. 62X25 Matching Numbers on slide, frame, and barrel, Good working gun, dark bore, good finish for its age, see pics. 5" Barrel Polymer grip 1. The gun came in what I consider to be NRA New unfired condition and really was a bargain. The TT-33 backstrap is one smooth piece; a TT-30 has a removable section. Able to withstand tremendous abuse, large numbers of the TT-33 were produced during WWII and well into the 1950s. The Tula Tokarev TT-33 Pistol was an improved design of the TT-30, which was the first major-employed automatic pistol in the Soviet forces. These are very reliable and very powerful handguns. Very good condition I am thinking of getting one but would like extra mags but they are hard to find and on the site it say's : These pistols do not accept standard TTC Tokarev magazines. New refers to a brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item, while Used refers to an item that has been used previously. ) Century Arms M57 Pistol 7. 62x25 and I know that most are older Yugo/Polish/ Soviet makes in the TT series. It seems like a pretty high performing round for its size. my next project is to convert a 1911 in 38 super to 7. Made in the famous Zastava factory in Serbia. (vs 8 in the original TT), with a unique new factory installed safe trigger. Currently, 7. Imported Russian, eastern block and Chinese Tokarev pistols all suffer from the same thing: That damned added safety. SOLD Yugo M57 TT Tokarev 7. These pistols come with one 9rd magazine. The TT33 I had and posted about I sold and have since purchased a Yugoslavian M57 Tokarev. Comes with character from actual usage at no additional cost. I've got over 5K rounds so I'm set for a week or two. In this section you can find synonyms for the word "m57 pistol", similar queries, as well as a gallery of images showing This M57 Tokarev pistol Cal. Handcrafted 5wide Adjustable Tokarev Tt-33 And M57 Concealed Leather Belt. 63x25mm Mauser cartridge used in the Mauser C96 pistol. New. This was some Red Army I got from Cabela's . Mauser Automatic 7. 62x25 7. Based on the Soviet TT side arm, the M57 is a new manufactured handgun out of Serbia and imported by Century Arms International. Quickly Find an in stock M57 for Sale at over 1600 Stores, Auctions, and Classifieds in one click! AUCTION ZASTAVA M57 TOKAREV PISTOL, 7. The Yugo TT-33 is my favorite of the 7. 62x25 Tokarev Tok Serbian Mag Ttc Yugo Tokarev Rema Tt02 Bike Patch Touring Repair Kit Flatpuncturesafetyemergency Roadmtb - $4. Find great deals on eBay for tokarev pistol parts. 00 as a general rule. Caliber Type Grains Hard Primer 7. Fun Gun Reviews Presents: Zastava M57 Tokarev Pistol in 7. 99. FFL or C&R required. The Century Arms HG3087-N M57 Pistol 7. Took long enough but my Tokarev's came in. 62x25mm Tokarev ammo! We have all the best brands of 7. THE BLOB Tokarev TT-33. 10 Insane weapons of ALL TIME. I have a Yugo M57, a CZ 52 and a Polish PPS-43 and I like them all. 62X25 cartridge and its potential as a SD round. 62x25 Tokarev Pistol Soviet's Tokarev pistol TT (Tula Tokarev) produced up to Cal. I thought that if I had to use the pistol in self-defense, The Yugo M57 (in 7. It is a single-action pistol chambered for the fast and powerful 7. cal Semi auto pistol Made in Soviet Union in 1942 Yugoslavian Tokarev M57 TT in 7. 62×25mm Tokarev cartridge, which was itself based on the similar 7. 62×25mm Tokarev - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia who has magazines for sale for m70a tokarev pistol, yugo m57, Yugoslavian Tokarev Tt30, Tt33 Pistol Barrel, 7. Yugo Tokarev M57 TT, 7. 62 polish surplus ammo from Sportsmansguide. Blued steel, new condition. TTC stands for Tula Tokarev Cugir. 63mm) a bottle neck ammo with high pressure & good penetrating power. +1, comes with 2 mags and cleaning rod. The safetys seen on the M57 doesn't make sense to me that they came from the factory. Black Leather Rh Holster For Tokarev Tt-33, M57, Ttc, Norinco, Zastava M70a ,new Yugo Tokarev Tt-33 Ttc 8 Round Tokarev Tt30, - $75. 62x25 - you can readily obtain quality hollow point ammunition in 9mm. 62 X 25) cartridge. These parts were taken off of original service pistols. 62x25 M-57 Pistol. 30 caliber Mauser ammo (7. To make sure it was worth buying more parts. There are 2 types of pistols in 7. 63mm Mauser cartridge. 62x25 is my favorite round. 62x25mm Tokarev caliber. 62X25 Yugo TTC For Sale Using our free SEO "Keyword Suggest" keyword analyzer you can run the keyword analysis "m57 pistol" in detail. Today I was shooting the Tokarev m57 for the second day at the local range and this come out my box of ammo. 00 Handcrafted 5wide Adjustable Tokarev Tt-33 And M57 Concealed Leather Belt. Tiawanese TT-33 TTC 8rd magazines for the Tokarev pistol in 7. TT stands for "Tula Tokarev", with Tula being the name of the to … wn where it was designed and Tokarev the name of the designer. It came with my gun and doesn't fit. I really like the flat shooting 7. Yugoslavian M57 7. 62x25mm pistols. I would put it about 70 finish but the gun runs really smooth. Looks like the price has creeped up to a whopping eleven cents a round so it's pretty easy to justify another caliber. Tt33 Tokarev 7. Zastava Yugoslavian M57 TOKAREV Pistol 7. Constructed of steel with a I get way better groupings than my friend's 1911, but since the caliber is so light for the Tokarev, a slight breeze can set it off target. This is how you would convert a Chinese made Norinco 213 Tokarev clone in 9mm into the original Tokarev caliber 7. FREE SHIPPING!!!!! This is a brand new black oxide steel muzzle brake which will fit the 7. Factory-new 9-rd. See our huge selection of gun parts for sale today. Triggers have minimal service and wear. Funny Gun Fails Compilation Part 03. 62x25 Tokarev Pistol New production Yugoslavian Zastava Arms M57 7. Yugoslavian M57 TT Tokarev Pistol - 7. The M57 functions on the principle of a free recoil of Zastava M57 Tokarev Semi-Auto Pistol, 7. pre: finding utah silver and gold rocks 2500 Crosman Copperhead Super Bb's Copper Coated . Yugoslavian Zastava M57 7. for sale: Yugo M57 Tokarev 7. This part is designed to work with the Yugoslavian M57 Tokarev. Adopted in 1957, it was a straightforward copy of the Soviet Tokarev TT pistol, although the M57 has a longer grip Review of the M57 pistol chambered in 7. Price $250. I. 62x25 FMJ Yugoslavian Military Surplus Ammo For Sale. Original Wwii - $75. It comes with one mag and a box of ammo as shown in the photo below. Original Vietnam War Chinese Type 54 TT Tokarev Pistol Leather Holster W Strap Clearing rod 45acp Tokarev Type 51 54 213 TT33 TT30 M57 57 CZ52 CZ 52 7. 5in 9rd Blued. Zastava M57 Tokarev Pistol 7 62x25 Full Fun Gun Reviews Presents: Zastava M57 Tokarev Pistol in 7. Very handsome looking gun! I’ve got 7. No feeding issues at all and it seems plenty powerful. The Tokarev TT-33 (also known as the "Black Star" or simply as the Tokarev, "Tok", or TT) is a Soviet-Russian pistol and the Zastava M57 (short for Model of 1957) is the Yugoslavian copy of the TT. CCW mandatory In its design, Pistol M57 is similar to the design of the Sovient pistol TT. pistols in 7. Had to look. The best clone is the Yugoslavian M57 which has a further elongated magazine well and a capacity of 9 rounds. Owned one and it was fun sold it for a Czech CZ52 in the same caliber. The M57 like mine has what is regarded as a rather nice for a TT style gun safety, but it still just blocks trigger/sear. Check out the facebook page and gi This M57 Tokarev pistol Cal. We work out the trending price by crunching the data on the product’s sale price over the last 90 days. Looking into reloading, but I can't seem to find a straight answer for 7. I bought 2 M57's and a crate of 1260 Romanian surplus 7. 62X25, Used in *Good to Very Good* Condition. A TT-30 may be readily distinguished from the more common TT-33 by examining the pistol’s backstrap. CI ZASTAVA M57 TT PISTOL 7. so the people I bought it from ordered me a replace mag and let me keep the shorter mag to sale. 62x25mm Still have 2 of thesethis one I've never fired. 62x25 I have a Yugoslavian M57 (7. 62x25 Tokarev in either the TT-33, the Model 57 or the CZ-52 is more powerful. It has been popular for decades due to its proven high quality. Just a thought. 99 Based on the famous Soviet TT design with additional features, like a 9 rd. 62x25 Tokarev Pistol New Production - $219. These mags are the perfect addition to your Surplus Yugo M57 Pistol. 62 Pistol - Mosin Nagant Parts & Accessories SKS Rifle Parts & Accessories Ammunition Stripper and Loading Clips Booklets and Manuals TAPCO Parts & Accessories Surplus Firearms Virtual Museum Shooting Supplies & Safety Scopes Mounts & Optics DOLLAR BIN Ordnance, Grenades & Rockets Pistol Parts & Accessories Rifle Parts & Accessories Misc. 177 Cal 0747 Air Rifle Pistol. 62x25 Pistol ?? Post by desdem12 » Mon Aug 27, 2012 7:13 pm The yugo was made with a saftey and the romanian had the safety added so they could sell them here. 30 cal. The 9x18 Makarov comes out ahead on number of pistols available for it (the Makarov, the PA-63, the CZ-82, the Polish P-64, the P-83 Wanad, the Fort 12 and the OTs-27) but I think there is little question that the 7. This particular pistol is a variant, the M57 Yugoslavian Or Yugo made in the Zastava factory in Serbia. However, some nerve damage to my hand, coupled with the narrow Tokarev trigger, made the pistol uncomfortable to shoot. It was missing a fee parts. 62x25 Surplus Good to Very Good Condition - $219. Has anyone made a Compensator for the Newer Zastava M57s from Classi c firearms? The only compensators I'm seeing are for TT-33s and older M57s. 62x25 Caliber - Surplus Good - Very Good Condition Zastava M57 Tokarev Pistol, 7. Yugo Tokarev TT-33 TTC 8 Round Magazine 7. 62x25 is the only pistol round that will penetrate street Body Armor and still be lethal (excluding the FN 5. 62x25mm Tokarev cartridge, which was itself actually based on the 7. 62, tt pistol, yugo m57 The Soviet TT pistol of World War II fame is the short, semi-official name for the Tula Tokarev, with Tula being the city where the gun was designed and Tokarev from the pistol’s designer, Fedor Tokarev. 62x25 Tok 8rd New production Yugoslavian Zastava Arms M57 7. 62x25 Yugo w/ Extras. I also have a mag for sale that is the 8 round mag if anyone needs one. market, the M57 is configured to fire the original 7. 62x25 ammunition. Imported in from Croatia. 312" - 313" bullet to be used in a 9mm platform. I own a M57 Yugo chambered in 7. Yugo M57: 9 round magazine; Factory added safety that blocks the sear (added for import) TT-33 TOKAREV MUZZLE brake compensator 7. Community. Romanian Tokarev TTC Pistol: Shooting Review. Hoping for the best. I ordered from Buds, and had it three days later. 75rd Drum FULL AUTO Yugoslavian PAP M92, Like a BOSS! lucky day ! found pistol TTkalatunbek . M57 Zastava ( TT ). No CZ-52's please. Both pistols are chambered for the powerful 7. 99 New production Yugoslavian Zastava Arms M57 7. What others are saying "After 1940 production continued, but this time it was for the Germans who adopted the type as the standard pistol of the Waffen SS, although other arms of the German forces also used the weapon. This is a discussion on 7. The actual caliber of the bullet is 7. It holds one more round than the TT-33's. 63x25 design. Yugoslavian M-57 (TT33) are longer in the grip to accommodate a 9th round in the magazine, though the angle remains the same. PISTOL GRIPS; TOKAREV; TOKAREV. In this section you can find synonyms for the word "M57 Pistol", similar queries, as well as a gallery of images showing the full picture of possible uses for this word Looking for a Tokarev. 62x25mm Tokarev caliber 9 Magazine, 7. Colt, Mauser, M1 Garand, M1 Carbine, 1919A4. It is chambered for 7. 9mm is a better self-defense round than 7. M57 Factory Original TT Tokarev 7. Fits the M57 TT Tokarev only, will not fit variants. Amounts shown in italicized text are for items listed in currency other than Canadian dollars and are approximate conversions to Canadian dollars based upon Bloomberg's conversion rates. 71 Denso Hp Iridium Twin Tip Tt Spark Plug For Renault Megane Cm01_ Ik20tt Handcrafted - $75. The Romanian variants have a triangle at the begging of the serial number, are marked with RPR instead of CCCP on the grips, and have a unique "MADE IN ROMANIA" marking on the slide. It is a single-action pistol chambered for the fast and powerful 7. 10 Things You Don't Know About The 1911 Pistol. Surplus Yugo M57 TT Tokarev 7. 62x25mm caliber. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. The M57 is a variation of the Soviet TT-33 Tokarev semiautomatic pistol. 62X25 caliber pistolonmilo 8 лет назад Norinco Tokarev Model 213 9mm Russian TT 33 Clone Review - New World Ordnance New World Ordnance In this video I do a “from scratch” load workup using a modern powder (CFE Pistol) in a Soviet TT-33 inspired Tokarev Pistol. Chambered in the 7. 62X25 althougha small caliber is extremely hot and the Wolf Gold brand is capable of 1,722 FPS and 560 foot pounds of energy. Original Yugo/Zastava. Tokarev TT33, Shooting the modified Romanian Tokarev 7. Price $3,007. The CZ 52 (also known by the Czechoslovak military designation vz. In addition, the holster can be placed on the waist belt. 62 X25mm C&R the other day, didn't think I would shoot it that much, but after having it out today, it's pretty accurate. 62x25 cartridge. Yugo Tokarev Tt-33 - $20. Description Notice : This ammo is loaded with hard primers and only functions reliably in the Yugo M57 Pistol and possibly other Yugoslavian made firearms. 7. Yugoslavian M57 TT Tokarev from Classic Firearms The 7. (GB32512) See all our penny bids at once by searching SGPB in the Gunbroker search bar. There is also a myth that while most the packets are tan colored, the pink packets are dangerously over-pressured. Saw your pics of the modified m57, Well done I got a bargain m57 for 65 $ shipped. It functions on the principle of short recoil of the barrel. You forgot to mention the grip is longer and more comfortable to shoot. I want to convert to 9mm and hunted down components for the conversion but am having an issue. The TT-30 was a single-action, semi-automatic pistol developed by Feodor V. It will not fire reliably in Romanian TTC or the Czech CZ-52 and possibly other guns too. TOKAREV TT-33 (US safety) GRIPS (checkered+logo) TOKAREV TT-33 GRIPS (checkered+logo) The ammo 7. The design of the pistol M70A is similar to design of Soviet pistol TT, that is, model M57. It is the ideal defense weapon, easy to handle and maintain. Yugo crest on top of slide. includes sizing die, seating die, powder thru die, shell holder, powder scoop, and load data from lee in the case. 62X25 Pistols and Ammo. I picked up my Yugo m57 yesterday and compared it to my Russian TT-33, and Polish TT-33 There are a few differences I saw right off the bat. 62x25 only please. The gun is in pretty nince condition but has some finish wear. 62mm and the rusian models tt-30 and tt-33 in 7. The Romanian one had a blade that appeared to be brazed on, but could have been integral with the barrel. The Browning-inspired TT served as a front-line pistol for over 20 years in Russia and longer in satellites, replaced for most users by the 9 x 18mm Makarov PM. 8 shots. Most imported TT were made for the 7,62mm caliber however some models were made for export with 9x19mm Parabellum round. I believe there are 3 or 4 variations of safties that were put on these to make it into the country. 62x25 9 Round Magazine There are other versions of the M57 with the safety on the side of the slide like a S&W 39. 62x25 was also used with the PPSh-41 submachine gun and other weapons in the Soviet armed forces. 309 inches. 62X25 CALIBER The TT-33 is chambered for the 7. Congrats! I drug my feet on buying a 7. These will have the sought after yugo crest on top of the slide. Tokarev Holster for sale on eBay. (If using this load data for TT-33 Type Tokarev Pistols, Start at 15% below the Min. Since loaded to high pressure the pistol is single action & recoil operated of the Browning design. The thing is with prices right now, a C&R holder can get (3) CZ-52 and (1) TT-33 polish Tokarev for under $475 delivered. The ‘standard’ Tokarev designs would be like the Soviets, Romanian, Chinese, and Polish designs. 32 ACP. Yugoslavian M57 TT Tokarev from Classic Firearms Unboxing. I finally got a decent chance to do some plinking with my pistol. On all previous batches of Tokarev type pistols imported we have seen a slide safety, many times poorly installed and questionable as to function, installed in order to get the pistols in. 309", 86 grain FMJ bullet. The hollow point makes my M57 into a real decent defense gun and accuracy is much improved over the Polish surplus stuff I had been firing, without the corrosive The Tokarev fires the bottlenecked 7. - $219. 62x25 cartridges. 00 Brand Tokarev Seller TwistedCopper Available on PAFOA Location Gettysburg Description. 62x25mm round, which is pretty much obsolete (as is the gun). 62x25 Pistol Classified printer friendly add to favorites tell a friend The Yugoslavian M57 TT Tokarev pistol, also known as the Zastaca M57, is one of those cheaper variants of the Russian TT-33 Tokarev. 3:48. seconds ago. The gun was originally imported by PW Arms and was so marked, but was sold by Southern Ohio Gun. tt 7. Blued steel, with a steel base plate and steel follower. Tt33 Tokarev M57 Yugo 7. 62x25 mm. 38 Super platform for the. Bought a bunch of the JHP for shooting in my Yugo Zastava M57 Tokarev and this ammo runs flawlessly, every round every time. 85. 62X25, SPECIAL CEREMONIAL APEX Gun Parts is your source for hard to find gun parts, parts kits, and accessories. 00 to $300. Fedor Tokarev noted the popularity of the 7. Yugo M57 Tokarev. 62X25 Tokarev Pistol -NO LANYARD LOOP Fits Chinese, Russian, Hungarian, Romanian or Polish Tokarev Pistols chambered in 7. 1911 has a better stopping-power caliber, but the 7. Slide Stop Retainer Clip Yugo M57 Tokarev Pistol TT 33. 62 Tok cartridge in the longer magazine and corresponding grip. If I start owning the 7. only a couple of boxes of $200. We currently have available for sale the Romanian TT-30 know as TTC or Cugir Tokarev and the Yugoslavian made Zastava M57. Due to the widely varying tolerances on TT-33 type pistols some fitting is usually necessary. Firearms / Pistols / Zastava Arms Want to know when this product will be available? To receive e-mail alerts when a product's availability changes, you must first create an account here . Update 12/04/2018: We received a new shipment of Yugo M57’s! This shipment ranges from close to excellent surplus to a few fair surplus. Magazines from Zastava Arms, the original manufacturer of the popular Yugo M57 TT Tokarev. The TT-33 is a great gun, but it hs no safety. Yugoslav M57 7. 22 cal. CUSTOM Zastava M57 Tokarev 7. Trigger is not Bought a Yugo M57 Tokarev 7. The Yugoslavian must have the safe trigger safety from Classic Arms and none of the other safety designs. Specifications and Features: 7. Yugoslavian Md. We also specialize in collectible military firearms parts such as 1911 . I was using the prvi partizan FMJ 85 gr Tokarev cartridges Quite a nice little pistol that really shoots were you point it. The pistol is a semi-automatic weapon with a safe system of locking and triggering. 1) CZ-52 ($200. I personally prefer my m57 because it is much slicker with a much more glorious round. Why yes that is a Yugoslavian M57 Tokarev in 7. The CZ-52 and the Tokarev TT-33. 62X25 was the only Tokarev-TT 7. These are very popular surplus weapons in the West, as they are affordable and plentiful. If anyone can help it would be Need parts for your TT33? Shop for Tokarev Auto Pistols TT33 parts today with Numrich Gun Parts. 63x25mm Mauser cartridge. Fits Russian, Romanian, and Polish, (Do Not Fit Yugo Tokarev). 62 Tok for your firearm at the best prices, ready to ship! In this video I do a “from scratch” load workup using a modern powder (CFE Pistol) in a Soviet TT-33 inspired Tokarev Pistol. I finally decided to do something about that. 3K likes. 62x25 mm cal. Arik suggested a . the best one is serbian M57 tokarev. A standard TT-33 mag will not work in this pistol. No matter which one you get there is going to be some kind of safety unfortunately. 62x25 Tokarev Review. This model is known as M70A. Original Ww2 Russian Tokarev Tt-33 Pistol Recoil Spring With Buffer View Product Details. 50 Caliber Once Fired Brass Grip Set Yugo M57 7. 62mm in diameter. Adopted in 1957, it was a licensed copy of the Soviet Tokarev TT pistol, although the M57 has longer grip that hosted longer magazine (9 rounds versus 8 rounds in TT). My surplus M57 Yugo is better, because of its safety. 62×25 Tokarev TT 9rd Zastava M57 7. 62×25 Tokarev TT 9rd Magazine, Zastava. M57 TOKAREV COMPLETE Pistol Slide & Barrel 7. Pak also includes a firing pin spring. 85 mm or . 62x25 Tokarev is a bottlenecked cartridge, and like most pistol cartridges of this design, it produces high velocity for its caliber. Many Tokarev-design pistols (like the Norincos) lacked a safety. 62x25, is a direct copy of the . 62X25 caliber pistol. Zastava M57 Tokarev Pistol 7 62x25 Full Reviewsootch00. Also the crest on the slide differ slightly between the two. These are factory new mags, packed in oil and in a plastic bag. 62X25) would be a sufficiently potent round (Sellier & Beloit loads a nice round for it) and I wouldn't be out as much if It had to "bounce around" in an evidence locker until the end of a trial/hearing. Century M57 Pistol. I have one of these. It has a magazine that accomodates 9 rounds instead of 8 and improved safety features. SOLD I have for sale my Yugo Zastava M57 Pistol 7. 62 Tokarev cartridge was one of the fastest pistol cartridges produced in its time. 62x25 Caliber - Surplus Good - Very Good Condition FFL must be registered and on file. 62x25 Surplus Pistol w/Crest Price: $199. It was later known as the TT-33 after a few changes to the original model were made in the barrel, disconnector, trigger and frame. 85 Tokarev Tt30, Tt33 Pistol Barrel, 7. Supposedly the 7. Picked one up as my first C&R purchase. NEW Yugo M57 7. Yugo Tokarev - $20. 62x25mm Tokarev, about $250. Got a question week ago I’ve got Zastava M57 Yugo Tokarev in a very good condition the bore is shiny, no rust, bluing 99. Yugo - Crvena Zastava. 62x25 Yugo w/ Extras within the BX forums, part of the Classifieds category; for sale is a New Production Zastava M57 Tokarev chambered in 7. 7). First off, as previously discussed, the grip is slightly longer. 62×25mm Tokarev. The Zastava M57 pistol was a standard sidearm of the Yugoslav Army. Quickly Find an in stock 762X25 for Sale at over 1600 Stores, Auctions, and Classifieds in one click! YUGOSLAVIAN M57 TT TOKAREV PISTOL - 7. the one modification that was done to this M57 is the annoying mag Fedor Tokarev noted the popularity of the 7. 62x25 round better then the CZ. Original military pistol from the former Yugoslavia. 99 These are really nice condition surplus pistols. Info needed,Tokarev 7. My name is Bobby with Peoples Arms of Arizona and thank you for looking at my ad. What a beauty. Which one is the better quality and can they be worked on to smooth/lighten the trigger etc? This M57 Tokarev pistol Cal. 191385 This is a used military surplus magazine for the M57 7. domnikoli 250$ is a smoking deal all things considered. For some reason, I really like the Tokarev TT-33 pistol and its 7. 62x25 cartridge, which is very similar to the German . Nice condition, original for sale by A Warehouse on GunsAmerica - 935768743 Fun Gun Reviews Presents: Zastava M57 Tokarev Pistol in 7. 3 product ratings - Tokarev TT30, TT33 Pistol Barrel, 7. P. 62x25mm, Zastava mfg. Worst thing is extra mags for the M57 pistol are hard to find, excellent pistol other wise. Tokarev TT-33. SO more pistols in that caliber make sense. Tokarev Tt30 Tt33 Pistol Barrel 7. 1957 - Zastava M57 - First Shoot/Review! SRC TT33 Tokarev Airsoft Pistol. 62mm pistolet obrazets 1930 goda or 7. There is a myth on the internet that there are different lots of Tokarev ammo, one for pistols and the other for submachine guns. 62X25, a 9mm, . 62x25mm Tokarev caliber Single action trigger Lanyard loop 7. Triggers are smooth, and come as shown. 62x25 To Glendora Previously check out my other auctions as i do combine to save you on the shipping. It replaces the barrel bushing. Yugo Tokarev M57 Semi Auto Pistol, 7. 62x25 FMJ Yugo Military Surplus Ammo For M57 Pistol - Made in 1977 by PPU - Read Description- Sellier & Bellot Pistol, 7 Updated for sale on the U. We are no longer shipping these to C&R 03 FFL’s. good news bad news wolf no longer I know this is an old thread, but need some help. I really want one for my m57 yugo made. We liked the Yugo better. 44 Mag at a trauma plate out of a bullet proof vest, the 7. S. 62X25 - $159. there is no cobbled together safety installed for importation. Category: Main > For Sale / Trade > Guns for Sale > Handguns > Pistols Yugo M57 7. 62x25 and the only pistols being made are in the Tokarev style, such as the M57 and M57A. I have a Tokarev and 5 -1911's . Conceived in 1930 for Russian army this semiauto pistol has showed to be one of the most reliable gun of all times , due to the simplicity of its construction, easiness of disassembly and cleaning, good accuracy and a powerful ( for that times) ammo. And I for got the russian TT R-3 and R-4 in . 62x25 Wiselite is the shop putting out the new Sterling Carbine(9mm Para) thery are also now producing the Wiselite Colfire Magnum Pistol. Accessories PPSH Why yes that is a Yugoslavian M57 Tokarev in 7. 62x25MM TT-33 PISTOL. I also have a Yugoslavian Zastava in . But nothing I didn't Havre In my parts pistol I couldn't borrow. ) is a Russian rimless bottlenecked pistol cartridge widely used in former Soviet satellite states, China and Pakistan among other countries. 62 Tok, or the 7. The M57, however, differed from the basic TT-33 design in having a factory safety and a higher capacity. 62x25 pistol. i am the proud onwer of a pristine yugo model 57 tokarev. 80 Tokarev Tt30, Tt33 Pistol Barrel, 7. Scott Tokarev Tt30 Tt33 Pistol Barrel 7. 62x25 casings at the 70 Round Box of 7. 99 Yugo Tokarev Tt-33 Ttc 8 Round Magazine 7. 62×25mm Tokarev cartridge (designated as the 7,62 × 25 Tokarev by the C. 62x25 is a bitch to find at a decent price, I recommend investing in an original spam can worth, because these are fire breathing monsters! All in all I love mine, and recommend both the pistol and the vendor. Good working condition, Good dark bore, finish will have holster marks or other signs of age