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  • The issue of misclassification is often overlooked until another problem emerges, such as a lawsuit for harm caused by a worker you thought was an independent contractor or during an audit. In recent years, state and federal agencies and labor unions have come together to challenge the independent contractor classification. Even with these employment expectations, Michael claims the company wrongfully classified him as an independent contractor. Judge dismisses misclassification lawsuit against TransAm Trucking “We truly value the relationship with our independent contractor drivers and believe that we have the best program in the Misclassification of Employees as Independent Contractors - Philadelphia Lawyer Helps Workers Unlawfully Paid 1099 Wages as Independent Contractors Instead of W-2 Wages as Employees This is a problem that has plagued America's workforce (and the government) for many years. XPO Last Mile, Inc. , involved in long-running lawsuits regarding employee classification, agreed to pay settlements to allegedly misclassified workers. A new lawsuit filed against Postmates underscores the tension in an industry hell-bent on redefining labor. This is a hot topic these days in employment litigation in Massachusetts. That Independent Contractor Overtime Lawsuits Call (855) 754-2795 or complete the Free Unpaid Overtime Case Review form on the top right of this page if you feel that your wage rights are being violated under the FLSA. New Jersey defines “employee” very broadly in the context of misclassification laws, thanks to a recent New Jersey Supreme Court ruling, Hargrove v. For example, an independent contractor usually dictates the scope of work, hours, equipment, and more. (“FedEx Ground”) who allege that they were or are employees, rather than independent contractors, under various state laws. This $228 million compromise, which has not yet been approved by the district court, will be among the largest misclassification settlements ever, if not the largest ever. In the above scenario, we know that the worker had a contract. General contractors often hire “independent contractors,” but merely provide those workers with the title to avoid overtime obligations. Microsoft agreed to pay $97 million yesterday to settle an eight-year-old class-action lawsuit in which thousands of temporary employees accused the company of improperly denying them benefits. The class action lawsuit filed by the San Diego labor attorneys alleges that Handy hires workers to provide cleaning services at customer's homes and businesses, but claims that the cleaning service company classifies the Cleaners as independent contractors (instead of as employees) in order to avoid paying proper wages and business related state misclassification audit (1099 independent contractor versus W2 employee) or worse -- a civil class action lawsuit -- the end result of misclassification can be devastating. In the case of the 2,300 FedEx Ground drivers, for years, FedEx called them—and paid them—as independent Worker Misclassification: Recent Trends in Independent Contractor Lawsuits presents T i l d S ttl t St t i f I di id lTria l an d S ettlemen t St ra teg ies for Indi v id ua l, Collective and Class Action Litigation presents A Live 90-Minute Teleconference/Webinar with Interactive Q&A Today's panel features: That decision, which covers some, but not all, types of claims for independent contractor misclassification, undoubtedly prompted this new lawsuit; indeed, the complaint in this newly-filed case Whether a worker is an employee or independent contractor is an important question, one that has been at issue in Florida for decades. According to Reuters, Anna Coorey, a contract driver for Google Express, is poised to sue the search engine company for overtime pay and expenses, arguing that she should be classified as an employee, not a contractor. Independent Contractor Misclassification The idea of using independent contractors, rather than hiring employees, has been embraced by employers large and small. Employee vs. Like many other states, California views an employer’s ability to supervise and to control work performance as one of several factors that determine whether a worker is an independent contractor or an employee. Superior Court greatly (and unnecessarily) complicates the determination of whether an employee is an independent contractor or an employee, and in some instances makes it extremely difficult for an employer to defeat class certification of an independent contractor misclassification claim. Instead, it is the responsibility of the driver to pay his own Social Security taxes as well as FICA. Unfortunately, many of those headlines feature words like “misclassification” and “lawsuit”. Jones Day represented Empire Today, LLC, a national flooring and carpet company, against allegations that it had improperly classified two classes of workers in Massachusetts as independent contractors, rather than employees. In nearly all the lawsuits filed by independent contractors, the contractors argue that because the company exercised “significant control” over them, they are employees. WWE lawsuit of doom: Sued by dozens of ex-wrestlers over brain injuries & independent contractor misclassification New, 62 comments Over 50 ex-WWE performers have bandied together with Konstantine Kyros to sue WWE over brain injuries, independent contractor misclassification and "racketeering activities". There is no universal test that the courts and agencies use to determine independent contractor classification. Does nothing to clarify who is an independent contractor versus an employee, although it defines "willfully misclassifies. As the economy improves, there has been an increased focus on the problem of independent contractor misclassification in the service sector (the part of the economy in which employees provide services and information, in contrast to producing manufactured goods, mining, or farming). Any company that uses independent contractors should carefully review their independent contractor agreements, websites, and day to day practices with their independent contractors, ever trying to reduce misclassification risks. You are being deprived of workers compensation insurance; 2. Cascom’s installation work was performed by cable installers, whom the company classified as independent contractors. Independent contractor classification affords them control over their own schedules, allowing them to seek out more profitable contracts with multiple companies, they said. The Labor Department and many other agencies increasingly view the misclassification of workers as something other than employees, such as independent contractors, as a serious problem for affected employees, employers and to the entire economy. In an article published in The Toronto Star, titled; “Father living off $3. A new federal lawsuit claims Grubhub misclassified its delivery drivers as independent contractors across the country, the latest salvo in a legal battle that has spread across the gig economy. 32 an hour launches class-action against energy giant,” we’re told how Haidar Omarali worked as an independent contractor, yet he was treated like an employee. ” The law also penalizes employers who charge fees or make deductions from compensation to an individual who has been willfully misclassified as an independent contractor. , a business that contracted with Time-Warner Cable to install residential cable services in Southwestern Ohio. It’s worth your while to take the time to learn where the lines are easily crossed. INTRODUCTION Plaintiffs are current and former pick-up and delivery drivers/contractors for FedEx Ground Package System, Inc. Canadian employers should take note; no company, whether it engages one or 1,000 independent contractors, is immune from the consequences of independent contractor misclassification. Department of Labor and the IRS. In this article, I want to focus briefly on the Massachusetts independent contractor… Read more → Misclassification of workers as "independent contractors" rebuffed by the California Court of Appeal. Whether you are an Dallas TX contractor treated as a regular employee or a regular employee misclassified as an independent contractor, he can help you choose the best option going forward and handle your employee misclassification lawsuit if an employer refuses to remedy your lost wages and benefits errors. Last week FedEx announced that it had reached a $227 million joint settlement of independent contractor misclassification class action lawsuits across 19 states. It is important for enterprises to remain informed about the latest laws, regulations, and developments surrounding these topics. Once you have filed a complaint, you also have the right to file a civil lawsuit against the employer. Posted in Common Compliance Questions, Contingent workforce, Employee misclassification, IC Do's and Don'ts, Independent Contractor Compliance, Worker Misclassification Lawsuits on June 3rd, 2013 with Comments Off on Who is the employer-of-record for your contingent workers? The plaintiffs claimed in the case that due to the misclassification Swift failed to pay them all the wages required by federal and state wage and hour laws, including the Fair Labor Standards Act. But be wary when applying the independent contractor classification to your workforce. Independent Contractor Misclassification: How to Identify to Prevent Legal Issues and Noncompliance Under Federal Wage and Hour Law - On-Demand Webinar now available On-Demand. economy which robs workers of fair pay, benefits, and job security. The lawsuit alleges John Christner Trucking LLC misclassifies its drivers as independent contractors when they are actually employees who are subject to federal and California labor laws. 2016 by Matthew Dolman + | Clearwater , Employment Law During this past summer, FedEx settled a $227 million lawsuit that alleged the company misclassified its delivery drivers as independent contractors. Pennsylvania recently went a step further, enacting legislation governing independent contractor arrangements in the construction industry. In yet another employee misclassification case, Kentucky Attorney General, Jack Conway, brought suit against FedEx Corp. Mary Kay beauty consultants and sales directors in New Jersey recently filed a class action lawsuit against Mary Kay, claiming that the company has misclassified them as independent contractors rather than employees, in violation of the New Jersey Wage Payment Law. 00 for every $1. Understanding when a worker is an independent contractor and not an employee can sometimes be confusing. A break-down of the potential co-employment and independent contractor compliance issues and best practices for implementing a compliance program to protect your organization. Employee misclassification cases are often litigated - at least a dozen cases involving well-known companies such as BMW, Super 8 Motels, Uber and FedEx are currently underway or have recently been decided. ” But when a startup wants to ensure consistency and quality and begins to exercise more control over a worker, it creates the potential for a misclassification lawsuit. The penalties vary depending on whether the misclassification was willful or not, and if not willful, whether proper returns were filed. They rigorously are investigating businesses’ employee and payroll records and independent contractor agreements, including all 1099 and W-2 forms. A major Canadian energy company has been hit by a class action lawsuit for independent contractor misclassification for their 7000 contractors. C. Courts do not simply look at the employment contract or the way that the parties March 15, 2018 As the independent workforce continues to grow, so do the issues of worker compliance and misclassification. To determine whether a worker is an employee or an independent contractor, over the years the DOL and Internal Revenue Service have generally relied on three categories of “control and independence” rules: Behavioral. Workers who find themselves misclassified as independent contractors or “1099ers” are at a serious disadvantage. Independent Contractor Misclassification Lawsuit (Updated Nov. Controversial Dynamex Case Regarding Misclassification of Independent Contractors to be Reviewed by California Supreme Court It's a good idea to consult an appropriate attorney for the best route to take, to seek relief or damages for an alleged independent contractor vs employee misclassification. Willful misclassification is defined as “voluntarily and knowingly misclassifying that individual as an independent contractor. Although classifying workers as independent contractors allows employers to avoid certain costs associated with employees, misclassification could lead to time-consuming and expensive litigation. Such facts as the place where work is performed, the absence of a formal employment agreement, or whether an Independent contractor misclassification claims continue to be the flavor of the month for plaintiffs’ class action lawyers, and these claims are often yielding six- and seven-figure settlements and judgments. In recent years many employers have reclassified their workers as "independent contractors" to avoid the costs of workers compensation and overtime pay associated with employment of workers classified as employees. The practice allows employers to avoid paying unemployment and other taxes on workers, and from covering them on workers compensation and unemployment insurance. Lawsuit Against Handy Technologies For Alleged Misclassification of Cleaners as Independent Contractors posted by Nathan S. If your company does not have an independent contractor compliance program in place, contact the experts at iWorkGlobal. Misclassification Lawsuit Moves Forward for Uber Drivers Sep 2 2015 - Independent Contractor - Gail Cecchettini Whaley Uber allows users to get a taxi, private car or rideshare from their mobile phone. The California Labor Commissioner's Office sued a construction company for worker misclassification and wage theft violations. Since The lawsuit came in the wake of a 2011 California law that broadened the state’s worker misclassification regulations, including creating penalties of up to $25,000 per violation for companies that willfully misclassify employees as independent contractors. They may be able to file a claim with the Nevada or U. 75 million settlement for Postmates drivers. Federal agencies such as the NLRB, EEOC and DOL all use different tests. FedEx to Pay $228 Million in Independent Contractor Misclassification Settlement (6/16/15) Latest Scoop from New Jersey on Independent Contractor Misclassification May Cause Employers Brain Freeze (1/20/15) New California Law Imposes Joint Liability on Businesses and Contract Vendors for Wage Violations and Workers Compensation Coverage (11/10/14) Being misclassified as an independent contractor instead of an employee for legal and tax purposes can be very costly. If you wish to report an employer engaged in the misclassification of an employee(s), please complete the complaint form below: Investigation and Results (D. Glendale-based Calcrete Construction, Inc. When a worker is misclassified as an independent contractor, he or she is not protected by California’s minimum wage and overtime laws. But instead, FedEx settled. Talk to a Lawyer Massachusetts Independent Contractor Misclassification. There are certain factors which are immaterial in determining whether there is an employment relationship. The lawsuits have been closely watched, as other entities in the technology economy utilize independent contractors, using a business model similar to Uber’s. , […] Moreover, federal labor and tax law impose their own significant consequences for misclassification. If your organization uses the services of independent contractors, here’s something to think about: Lowe’s Home Centers is on the hook to the tune of $6. Proper classification of an individual as an independent contractor can be difficult to determine and is the source of major litigation. Posted in 1099 Compliance, Employee misclassification, IC Compliance, IC Legislation, Independent Contractor Compliance, Worker Misclassification Lawsuits on June 29th, 2011 with Comments Off on There is an Epic Battle Forming Over the Use of Independent Contractors in the United States—the IC Wars Uber’s alleged misclassification also left the drivers to pay their own payroll withholding taxes and employment-related expenses. 5 million — plus legal fees — to settle a lawsuit filed by ICs who claimed they legally qualified as employees. BakerHostetler was hired three weeks before the hearing, after previous counsel had told the client that the case was unwinnable. The trial court concluded she was an independent contractor as a matter of law. J. Independent contractors generally include self-employed workers who are not covered by the tax and wage laws that apply to employees. their employees as independent contractors. 3 million. N. It’s also good practice to establish a standard “start-of-work” meeting that covers what the independent contractor needs to accomplish. Since this definition is not especially helpful in adjudicating misclassification claims, courts look at state law to determine whether a claimant is an employee or an independent contractor. Recently, FedEx agreed to a $228 million settlement fund to resolve a class action lawsuit in California brought on behalf of more than 2,000 of its Ground and Home delivery drivers who claimed damages stemming from FedEx’s alleged misclassification of them as independent contractors, instead of employees. 5 million settlement of a class-action lawsuit brought by home improvement contractors IRS Small Business Week Tax Tip 2017-02, May 1, 2017. She told her customers and the government she was properly treating the workers as employees. Worker misclassification cost her 87 months behind bars. Other common misclassifications, which may be grounds for employee misclassification litigation include the claims that construction workers, sales representatives, non-licensed engineers, technical writers, and other workers are professionals. success of the claimed independent contractor. Contact our Texas Farm Bureau overtime litigation lawsuit attorneys if you are an insurance agent who has been misclassified as an independent contractor. An independent contractor is not as likely to have an ongoing relationship with the client, and the work an independent contractor performs is not likely to be a “key aspect” of the client’s business. alleging numerous causes of action including misclassification of an employee as an independent contractor in violation of the Massachusetts Independent Contractor Statute. The more control a company has, the less likely it is that the worker is an independent contractor. Any person may file a written complaint alleging that an employer has misclassified an individual, who is performing work as an independent contractor. A business should not require an independent contract to perform work at specified times or places. in Prescott, Ariz. In the past eight years, the Obama administration has spearheaded enforcement initiatives on independent contractor misclassification through the U. On October 13, 2010, the Construction Workplace Misclassification Act (the “Act”) was signed into The lawsuit states that the establishment is in violation of the FLSA, as well as several Pennsylvania wage laws. Below we discuss the legal test for whether someone is improperly classified as an “independent contractor” under California independent-contractor misclassification law. So what can a company do to limit its exposure to a misclassification claim? If a company wants to work with independent contractors, then hiring a lawyer makes a lot of sense. This lawsuit alleges that Lowe’s Home Centers violated New Jersey independent contractor, unemployment and workers compensation laws by classifying installers as independent contractors to avoid payment of taxes and benefits required to be paid to employees. In May, the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity found that former Uber driver Darrin McGillis was an employee, not an independent contractor, when he drove for the ride-hailing company for Impact of misclassification. Independent contractor misclassification lawsuits swept across a swath of businesses last month, affecting companies in both the gig economy and traditional industries. SF-based Instacart recently announced a $4. Delivery Drivers Settle FLSA Misclassification Lawsuit Posted By Buckley Beal LLP . In fact, many states have more stringent tests for independent contractor status than California, and there's nothing stopping another lawyer from filing a similar lawsuit in California. Gibson • February 24, 2016 Benzinga , reports that a class action lawsuit was filed against Handy Technologies alleging that the company misclassified their cleaners as independent contractors. Federal Circuit Affirms Dismissal of Independent Contractor Misclassification Claims By Greg Mersol on July 18, 2018 Posted in Class Action Litigation My father grew up in Nazi-occupied Europe during World War II and would tell the story of how an official would come to his family’s home to modify their radio so they could not receive BBC The misclassified independent contractor may be owed overtime wages, lost fringe benefits, and other compensation. In California, Uber faces class-action lawsuits from drivers saying they were misclassified as independent contractors. , delivery drivers have filed class action lawsuits alleging misclassification as independent contractors and claim damages. Kaufmann of Leonard Carder LLP in California told Bloomberg BNA July 25. Independent contractor arrangements have come under fire lately from both state and federal governments. FedEx agrees to pay $228 million to settle long-running Calif. allegedly misclassified 175 workers as independent contractors. Yesterday, we heard about a serious case of independent contractor misclassification. alleging that FedEx violates Kentucky state law by misclassifying its drivers as independent contractors. As 2000 ended, two lawsuits involving misclassification of employees were resolved. The Law Offices of Joshua N. California employment lawyers explain the legal definition of an independent contractor under California labor law, as well as the process for filing a wage and hour lawsuit against an employer who misclassifies its employees as independent contractors. Employee misclassification is the practice of labeling workers as independent contractors, rather than employees. From the IRS's perspective, independent contractor misclassification results in lost tax revenue and can lead to increased Medicare and Social Security costs if independent contractors become sick If you believe that your employer misclassified you as an independent contractor to avoid paying you overtime, you may be able to file a lawsuit against him or her to recover the compensation you deserve. But naming a truck driver as an independent contractor, the burden of taxes and regulations are lifted from the employer. Misclassification of Employees as Independent Contractors via The United States Department of Labor; Worker Misclassification in California via State of California Department of Industrial Relations; If you have been misclassified as an independent contractor in California, rest assured that California and Federal labor laws are on your side. This case illustrates worker misclassification can lead to more than simply a tax liability and civil penalties. The reason, of course, is Employee Misclassification. We focus on the interrelated legal issues involving independent contractors by using an interdisciplinary approach to both diagnose and enhance companies’ compliance with independent contractor laws and defend businesses caught in the misclassification crackdown. Among other things, it means that you'll: have to pay all your Social Security and Medicare taxes out of your own pocket (employers must pay half of these taxes for employees, but May 19, 2014—Paul Johnson Drywall Inc. Uber Technologies, Inc. An employee is generally guaranteed a regular wage amount for an hourly, weekly, or other period of time, while an independent contractor is usually paid by a flat fee for the job. Paying a worker by the hour strongly indicates that the worker is an employee. The class action lawsuit reached a settlement to the tune of $228 million. Companies such as Microsoft, Uber, and FedEx all use independent contractors. An independent contractor should not be paid by the hour. This string of misclassification lawsuits has exposed and drawn a great deal of attention to the independent contractor business model. A cottage industry for plaintiffs’ class action lawyers has been independent contractor (IC) misclassification lawsuits, and one of the industries taking the brunt of those types of legal proceedings is energy, particularly companies that operate in the oil patch. After terminating her contractual relationship with Mutual, she filed a class action claiming unpaid employee entitlements under the Labor Code on the ground that she was a victim of misclassification. Department of Labor filed a lawsuit against Cascom, Inc. " Effectively requires a one-year public prominent posting (on a website or at a worksite) of notice that the entity was found to have willfully misclassified an independent contractor. filed a Complaint against Pepperidge Farm, Inc. One of the areas that creates a significant amount of confusion – and litigation – in employment law is the issue of misclassification. Independent Contractor Lawsuit Investigation Workers for on-demand app services, Silicon Valley firms, security alarm technicians, and delivery drivers face a high risk of misclassification. Most often the O/O is leased on to the carrier, Misclassifying shifts expenses to the owner operator, while still controlling many aspects of the O/O’s business. Independent Contractor Overtime: Industries Where Misclassification Occurs Frequently One of the most common recurrent problems with misclassification occurs in the construction industry . To combat misclassification concerns and recoup tax monies, the federal and New Jersey departments of labor have increased auditing procedures to monitor employee classification. However, misclassification cases present major risks. A new lawsuit alleges that Instacart, an on-demand grocery delivery service valued at $2 billion, misclassifies its workers as independent contractors to avoid paying expenses like overtime A lawsuit filed against XPO Logistics and its drayage subsidiary in Southern California, XPO Logistics Cartage, alleges the company willingly used its independent-contractor model to deprive truckers of pay. Employee misclassification occurs when an employer fails to properly identify a worker as either an actual employee or an independent contractor. 7)The degree of independent business organization and operation. Microsoft Settles its Lawsuit with Temporary Workers Under the independent contractor model, employees are paid by the load, but must pay operational expenses including the use of tablet computers necessary to provide information about the hauls. The Labor Commissioner is charged with enforcement of worker misclassification and like other provisions of the Labor Code, it gives those affected the right to file a complaint. 16. Independent Contractor Misclassification Most independent contractors are actually employees that have been misclassified by companies that employ them. The latest company to feel the misclassification lawsuit hurricane is none other than Google. The case involved a class action lawsuit brought by delivery drivers who alleged they were misclassified as independent contractors and that the misclassification resulted in unlawful denial of overtime and other wage-and-hour violations. Being considered an employee of a company as opposed to an independent contractor generally entitles you to receiving minimum wage and overtime pay. An Anatomy of a Worker Misclassification Lawsuit Clayton Halunen Halunen & Associates I. Misclassified as an Independent Contractor? Los Angeles Employee Misclassification Lawyer Fighting for California Workers. The IRS and the Department of Labor (DOL) are very clear of the factors to classify a worker an independent contractor or employee and each situation should be evaluated individually . Independent contractor (IC) misclassification occurs when a worker who should be considered a direct employee of a business—and receive a W-2 form to file with tax returns—is treated as a self-employed, “independent” contractor, and receives a 1099-MISC (miscellaneous income) form instead. This is the March, 2018 edition. Wage and Hour Division (WHD) Misclassification of Employees as Independent Contractors. On any given day you’ll find headlines covering the successes and failures of Independent Contractor engagements. Another Fortune 500 titan, another misclassification lawsuit. Additionally, independent contractors are not entitled to overtime, double-time pay, or meal and rest breaks. 75 million settlement in a class action against Postmates Inc. Employee vs Independent Contractors (ICs) ~ Worker's Misclassification. Under most tests for independent contractor status, whether an individual’s services are within the usual course of the business of the company for which they are performed is an important factor. Employees in NV who are misclassified as independent contractors by their employers lose various rights and protections. With all of these varying tests and case law, companies are being forced to reevaluate their independent contractor relationships. Does receiving a 1099 tax form from an employer mean that the worker is an independent contractor? The class action lawsuit contends that the Thomson Reuters journalists were not engaged in a separate business or profession, as independent contractors would be, but were sole employees of the company and are entitled to employee benefits. Method of payment. According to the Wage and Hour Administrator’s Interpretation, a legal test called the “economic realities” test should be used to determine whether an individual is an employee or an independent contractor under FLSA. What is the Uber independent contractor lawsuit? In a case decided on April 11, 2018, Razak v. Requiring all independent contractors to sign documentation stating they are not entitled to, and will not seek, unemployment benefits. Both Microsoft and Time Warner, Inc. Writing an Independent Contractor’s Agreement with this view in mind, provides an asset in the event of a dispute or misclassification challenge. S. Independent contractor or employee: Know the difference. 625 million nationwide settlement for the same issue – potential misclassification of the shoppers as independent contractors instead of employees. Why does being misclassified as an independent contractor matter? If you are misclassified as an independent contractor, the following non-exhaustive 20 reasons explain why misclassification matters: 1. Many times employers classify workers as independent contractors, consultants, or vendors, even though the worker receives substantial direction and faces considerable control over the individual’s job assignments and performance. If the employer willfully violated federal law in the employee misclassification, you may have up to three years to file a complaint. When determining whether a worker is an employee or independent contractor, the application of the economic realities factors should be guided by the FLSA’s statutory directive that the scope of the employment relationship is very broad. It is also important for an independent contractor’s agreement to accurately state the nature of the relationship between the parties and make clear that the legal parameters for independent contractor status are satisfied. Another FedEx Worker Misclassification Case Settled for $227 million May 9th, 2017. The Independent Contractor Test. So begins the boom of the independent contractor model, or the so-called “1099 economy. Independent contractor misclassification claims have become an epidemic — nationally and especially in Massachusetts. Independent Contractor Misclassification Lawyers. Many businesses can adopt an independent contractor model that may well survive future scrutiny under federal and most state laws, provided the business properly engages in bona fide restructuring, conducts proper re-documentation, and implements and follows new, state-of-the-art independent contractor practices. Garick, P. The office is seeking damages of more than $6. In the new era of “dependent contractors” as a result of the gig economy, the line between contractor and employee is becoming more blurred. An Australian telecommunications company faces an independent contractor misclassification lawsuit worth up to AUD$400 million (US$290 million). Executive Summary. Worker Misclassification. In 2015, the California Labor Commissioner ruled that an Uber driver was indeed an employee, not an independent contractor, and ordered Uber to reimburse the driver for her expenses. This important decision is likely to reach across all industries and will cause regulators and attorneys to closely examine independent contractor agreements to determine if the employer retains sufficient direction and control over the manner or means by which the work is to be performed. The drivers made similar claims to misclassification suits that you may have read about recently: they claimed that while the company hired and paid them as independent contractors, they were A group of port truckers has filed a lawsuit against trucking conglomerate XPO Logistics claiming the carrier wrongfully deducted expenses from their paycheck by classifying them as independent Although independent contractor misclassification lawsuits are widespread across multiple industries, exotic dancers have become “poster children” for this type of lawsuit, plaintiffs' attorney Aaron D. The recent filing of a class action lawsuit against SoulCycle, an industry leader in the increasingly trendy indoor cycling craze, has placed the popular fitness company in the middle of the ongoing battle against misclassification of independent contractors. 30, 2017) The misclassification of employees as independent contractors is a major concern for America’s workforce and its economy. However, this can oftentimes lead to trouble, particularly if the contractor is actually an employee. You might be able to join if you were a Delivery Driver at XPO Last Mile, Inc. Independent contractors are an essential part of many different industries in California, including film studios, IT consulting firms, on-demand service apps and construction companies. , agreed to pay $600,000 in back wages, damages and penalties following the misclassification of workers as independent contractors. RLLC then brought a lawsuit against Sturgill, alleging claims of breach of contract and tortious interference with a contract. The relationship between the motor carrier and its owner-operator independent contractors is a complicated one at best. Empire Today settles independent contractor misclassification class action. Under the Illinois Employee Classification Act which focuses on misclassification in the construction industry, a worker is properly considered an independent contractor only if the ABC test is satisfied or if the worker is a sole proprietor or partnership. When a worker is deemed an independent contractor, employers are not required to pay Social Security, Medicare or federal unemployment insurance taxes. The appeal of classifying workers as independent contractors can’t be questioned. Employees and independent contractors have very different benefits. One of Sturgill’s arguments was that the agreement containing the non-compete was void because it was in violation of public policy based on RLLC’s misclassification of her as an independent contractor. More importantly, the workers will be eligible in the future if successful in their challenge to shared payroll taxes, unemployment benefits, social security benefits and workers’ compensation benefits. Workers who are deemed employees, rather than independent contractors, are protected by the FLSA, which establishes minimum wage and other requirements. has agreed to create a $228 million fund and resolve a decade-long lawsuit involving misclassification of workers. Identification of a worker as either an employee or a contractor can have significant differences in the type of pay and benefits that the person receives. The NLRB has tossed a new vegetable into the enormous salad of independent contractor misclassification tests. Lowe’s became the latest company this week to settle a legal dispute over the classification of its independent contractors. The Problem With Misclassifying Independent Contractors. In one such lawsuit, a federal judge recently approved an $8. On-demand food delivery startup DoorDash has reached an agreement with workers’ rights lawyer Shannon Liss-Riordan regarding a class-action lawsuit that alleged DoorDash misclassified its By contrast, if the worker controls the means and method of achieving the required results, leaving the employer with the right only to define the desired result, they are correctly classified as an independent contractor. However, it’s important to understand the distinction for several reasons, including: The IRS can audit a business for misclassifying employees as independent contractors. The independent contractor status for a worker is not favored by the IRS, the Department of Labor (DOL), the states, and many agencies within the states including those enforcing workers’ compensation benefits and unemployment. If an employee is misclassified by an employer as an independent contractor, penalties may be assessed by the IRS under Internal Revenue Code Section 3509. The misclassification of an employee as an independent contractor can have many negative effects on the person and society in general. Halunen Law is nationally recognized for litigation in misclassification cases. By Bill Pokorny on June 1, 2011 Posted in Independent Contractors, Misclassification, Overtime On May 24, 2011, a federal district court in Chicago ruled that security guards who were licensed, insured, trained, and paid by the hour by a private security company were not independent contractors, but employees entitled to overtime pay under the A cottage industry for plaintiffs’ class action lawyers has been independent contractor (IC) misclassification lawsuits, and one of the industries taking the brunt of those types of legal proceedings is energy, particularly companies that operate in the oil patch. The definition of willful misclassification is voluntarily and knowingly misclassifying an employee as an independent contractor. Or a personal submersible. However, Uber appealed the decision, which would be reviewed de novo in court. Labor Commissioner or else file a civil lawsuit in pursuit of back pay plus interest and possibly liquidated and punitive damages. However, 12 Instacart workers in 11 states claim in the lawsuit that this independent contractor classification is not accurate, as they are effectively treated like employees of the company. In May, the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity found that former Uber driver Darrin McGillis was an employee, not an independent contractor, when he drove for the ride-hailing company for Examples of recent independent contractor misclassification lawsuits that have settled include a $227 million settlement for FedEx drivers across 19 states, a $27 million settlement for Lyft drivers in California, a $5 million settlement for Door Dash drivers and an $8. " Speaking of lucrative, the Plaintiff's Employment Bar hopes class actions based on such misclassification will be exactly that. In May 2017, FedEx agreed to a $227 million joint settlement of independent contractor misclassification class claims by drivers across 19 states, having settled a prior misclassification suit for $228 million. They believe that they were really employees and as a result have suffered economic harm. Independent Contractor Misclassification: Class Action Lawyers Now Targeting the Insurance Industry Publications April 10, 2018 But recently, class action lawyers have begun to target insurance companies with claims that carriers have misclassified these sales agents as ICs instead of employees. That's because, once remedied, it's likely that you won't get a second chance to seek damages for the same incident. “Misclassification” involves classifying workers who meet a legal definition of an employee as independent contractors. Michael had opted to file contractor misclassification lawsuit after discovering other employees were similarity situated in alleged contractor misclassification. The only benefit classifying an owner operator as an independent contractor is for the carrier NOT the driver. Obtained reversal of independent contractor misclassification finding by New York State Department of Labor, after $420,000 in back assessments had been issued against client. We are investigating allegations of independent contractor misclassification in a variety of fields. A worker may be denied the status of employee "only if the worker is the type of traditional independent contractor — such as an independent plumber or electrician — who would not reasonably But their workers can file a lawsuit for misclassification and can recover penalties as high as $25,000 per worker. Or a private island getaway. Of course, misclassification of workers as independent contractors has been a long-running danger for companies seeking to minimize labor costs. Worker misclassification — when employees are classified erroneously as independent contractors — has been widely discussed when it comes to Uber and other platforms. Part two addresses the regulatory and legislative crackdown and efforts With the lawsuit revived, FedEx would soon need oxygen. , “Delivery Drivers” Misclassification Lawsuit Delivery Drivers at XPO Last Mile, Inc. Shannon Liss-Riordan, a Boston-based employee and labor rights lawyer who is Such misclassification not only hurts employees, but because the misclassification is an attempt to have a lower cost of doing business, it also hurts companies who correctly classify employees If a claimant is an independent contractor rather than an employee, the employer may have far fewer obligations, or none at all, under employment statutes and the common law. This fact sheet will cover a range of issues surrounding the misclassification of employees as independent contractors, including legal definitions of independent contractors; the reasons why an employer would misclassify an employee as an independent contractor; the extent of misclassification; the costs and consequences of employee In addition, this area of the law dealing with independent contractor misclassification has been evolving and is in flux in many states. Misclassification of workers continues to be a headache for employers, with a judge recently approving a $6. achieved on behalf of workers claiming independent contractor misclassification - will provide significant benefits to drivers, both monetary and non-monetary, that will improve their work lives, will increase their income through providing clarity to passengers regarding Uber's tipping policies, and will foster a Independent Contractor Misclassification and Compliance News: March, 2018 A monthly summary of independent contractor misclassification and compliance news. The test largely comes down to the amount of control the company has over the worker. November 2013. Independent Contractor: Basic Distinctions. DoorDash food delivery recently agreed to pay $5 million to settle a misclassification lawsuit. Write Independent Contractor’s Agreements with the intention that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or an associated agency may be reviewing the contract for classification purposes. The IRS encourages all businesses and business owners to know the rules when it comes to classifying a worker as an employee or an independent contractor. The independent contractor agreement should outline the terms of the relationship, the parties’ expectations and responsibilities, and how to resolve disputes. An independent contractor has no such impediment. of independent contractor misclassification and the related practice of paying workers off the books completely, and then describe state and federal efforts to combat the problem, including state and federal studies showing staggering public losses due to the practice. ” Those three words are enough to ruin the day of any trucking company’s CEO. FedEx to Pay $228 Million in Independent Contractor Misclassification Settlement (6/16/15) Latest Scoop from New Jersey on Independent Contractor Misclassification May Cause Employers Brain Freeze (1/20/15) New California Law Imposes Joint Liability on Businesses and Contract Vendors for Wage Violations and Workers Compensation Coverage (11/10/14) In part one of this series, we discussed how independent contractor misclassification has arisen and its costly consequences. . Independent Contractor Misclassification. independent contractor case Settling a widely followed lawsuit brought by more than 2,300 California workers at FedEx Ground and FedEx Home delivery, parent FedEx Corp. Plaintiffs’ class action lawyers have honed in on delivery companies In June of last year, global delivery giant FedEx settled a decade-long lawsuit involving the alleged misclassification of more than 2,000 drivers in California as independent contractors. Unchecked, independent contractor misclassification can cause long-term damage to the economy and workers, but there are solutions. Yet independent contractor status was a key component of how FedEx does business. In 2009, the U. The lines between employee and independent contractor can be incredibly vague. This is because, due to the misclassification, the so-called independent contractors are deprived of lucrative fringe benefits enjoyed by the company's acknowledged "employees. Independent Contractor Misclassification Independent Contractor Misclassifcation Settlement Misclassifying employees as independent contractors is a growing problem in the U. Now, of course, the employee might not have much of a case. A 2013 study by the Workers Defense Project and the University of Texas found that more than 40 percent of construction workers in Texas are either classified as independent contractors or paid under the table. Independent insurance sales agents have been treated as independent contractors (ICs) for decades. Unfortunately, independent contractor misclassification spans many industries. Such action, if misguided, may have severe consequences. Legal Issues In cases of this nature, the court considers whether a worker meets the legal definition of an independent contractor or an employee. First, true independent contractors are not eligible for overtime pay, unemployment benefits, and Workers’ Compensation benefits. 1099 workers and independent contractors become suspect of misclassification in many ways but the 3 primary methods are: Complaint by the independent contractor to a state or federal labor agency regarding benefits or overtime Locke Lord’s Independent Contractor Misclassification and Compliance team helps companies avoid, minimize, or defeat legal challenges to the valid use of independent contractors and other types of contingent workers. Delivery drivers said the on-demand food courier service misclassified them as independent contractors instead of employees, thereby violating the federal Fair Labor Standards Act as well as California labor laws. As companies might expect, the new vegetable smells rotten. An independent contractor is usually paid a flat fee for a job. For companies who use independent contractors it is critical to obtain and follow legal advice to make sure such relationships can hold up under scrutiny of the ABC test, while also recognizing that federal agencies use other criteria in determining whether the worker is an employee or independent contractor. Under appropriate circumstances, employers can classify their workers as independent contractors. But recently, class action lawyers have begun to target insurance companies with claims that carriers have misclassified these sales agents as ICs instead of employees. While some lawsuits can claim unpaid overtime wages, if the truck the delivery driver uses weighs more than 10,000 pounds, the state and federal overtime laws don’t apply. 00 paid to a contractor. “Independent contractor misclassification. So an injured independent contractor who can show: a) a causal connection between that your actions or omissions and the injury; and b) that your actions and omissions amounted to negligence might result in you havaing to defend a lawsuit. Misclassified employees often are denied access to critical benefits and protections they are entitled to by law, such as the minimum wage, overtime compensation, family and medical leave, unemployment insurance, and safe workplaces. She simply reported them as independent contractors to reduce her tax liability. The plaintiffs in the ships, using independent-contractor diagnostics to determine the extent that restructuring of the independent-contractors posi-tion will minimize or avoid future misclassification liability. , are suing for being misclassified as independent contractors. Independent Contractors & Misclassification In The Trucking Industry 02. FedEx to settle driver misclassification lawsuit for $240 million Drivers for FedEx Ground Package System in 20 states will receive $240 million from FedEx to settle lawsuits that claim FedEx misclassified them as independent contractors, according to a Reuters report. The theory behind the ULP charge and complaint is that the Act gives employees the right to unionize and engage in other protected, concerted activity, and that if an employer misclassifies a worker as an independent contractor, it unlawfully deprives the worker of those rights. , a federal judge compared the degree of control Uber has on its drivers to a homeowner imposing limitations on a contracted plumber or carpenter while in the home. FedEx Delivers a $240 Million Settlement in IC Misclassification Lawsuits June 21st, 2016 | Kimball Norup Last week FedEx announced that it had reached a joint settlement of independent contractor class action lawsuits across 20 states. As we have discussed in a number of blog posts, the California Supreme Court recently changed the test for independent contractor status in its employee-friendly decision in Dynamex. The court Prepare an independent contractor agreement that clearly defines the relationship. The FLSA sets out a test to determine independent contractor or employee status. June 27, 2013), the court dismissed a misclassification lawsuit brought by truck drivers against a freight transportation company, finding that four factors supported independent contractor status: 1) the company exercised minimal control over the drivers, even though it retained the right to supervise the Examples of recent independent contractor misclassification lawsuits that have settled include a $227 million settlement for FedEx drivers across 19 states, a $27 million settlement for Lyft drivers in California, a $5 million settlement for Door Dash drivers and an $8. Then, you must make sure your business isn’t crossing them so that you can avoid the costly legal ramifications associated with employee misclassification lawsuits. Independent contractor laws are complex, but an independent contractor misclassification lawyer in Charlotte at Gibbons Leis, PLLC can help I previously wrote about the general issue of the misclassification of employees as independent contractors. This leads many businesses to explore contracting independent contractors instead of employees, where the company typically pays $1. As described below, independent-contractor diagnostics refers to a process beginning with an examination of whether the position would pass the applicable November 7, 2014:. We recently settled a case against Harvard University for misclassifying workers as independent contractors. An independent contractor is generally free to seek out business opportunities. To reduce risks of liability businesses should also review contracts with an eye towards the other factors that are considered in evaluating the independent contractor status
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