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  • The rifle is designated with an "LE" code; "Law Enforcement". ru is tracked by us since May, 2014. Overall After mounting the scopes (Bushnell Banner 6-18x50, pretty much the only scope I use on non-benchrest rifles on A17 and Sightron 36x40BRD, the only scope I use on benchrest rifles on the B. And Accurate, Too. This new version of the Savage Heavy Barrel Stainless BMAG now includes a gray, laminate, wood stock (probably made by Boyds Gunstocks). All chassis systems are made out 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum for lightness with some high stress or high wear parts made out of steel. In my attempts to give the B Mag as good an accuracy test as I could, I also tried the B Mag on a Coldwell Lead Sled, and the groups opened up considerably. 17 WSM 8 Round Magazine available at a great price in our Rifle Mags collection The Savage Arms B. The B. Mag Tactical Bolt Handle with 1. Deadly. Accurate-Mag’s Chassis Systems have been designed and produced with high precision CAD/CAM programs and CNC machinery to high quality Military standards. To create B Mag review we checked B-mag. I assume it is so that just leaves you with the Beta-max potential of the round in the minus column. 17 WSM. Its shot-to-shot accuracy is rivaled only by its reliability. Overall accuracy averaged 1. Mag over the factory bolt handle. They’re tight where they need to be tight, loose where they need to be loose for superior performance and improved accuracy you can measure. Furthermore, what these de-bates seem to ignore is that some hunters are not likely to ever shoot The Woodsman delivered impressive accuracy, turning in sub-MOA groups with bullet weights ranging from 150 to 175 grains. de we use data openly available on the Web, thus we cannot guarantee that no scam sites might have been mistakenly considered legit and no fraud or PC issues may occur in this regard. Savage Arms B. It hits where you aim it and the results of a hit on small game are impressive. I've had no major issues with my BMag (knock on wood). Super Magnum cartridge, the B. I had read negative reviews about the quality of the plastic stock. The retrofit parts replace the existing bolt handle and bolt cap. The newest Picatinny scope rail designed for the Savage B-Mag rimfire rifles with factory drilled & tapped receivers. The forend was bearing on the barrel about 4 1/2" inches from the front and I took it back to the shop. The B Mag features the same legendary Savage Accutrigger as the other rimfires and a slightly longer barrel at 22 inches. MAG without capping it off with our legendary, light, crisp AccuTrigger. Performance: A zero at 50 yds and out came the chrono. However, Savage feels that the 1:8″ twist is better suited to handle both weight of bullets (20 grain and 25 grain), so any B. Mag utilizes Savage's thread-in barrel headspacing system, rear-locking lugs and a cock-on-close bolt capped off with the light, crisp AccuTrigger. Man, did I dodge a no-pun-intended bullet with this one. Along with bedding, the barrel should always be free floated (not touching the stock forend). The cutting-edge Savage B. This product is designed to eliminate flexing in plastic synthetic rifle stocks to optimize accuracy. I wouldn't mind a laminate, or wood stock, but hey, it's a $300 gun for pete's sake. I’d guess that this is the main culprit in many of the accuracy complaints about the B. I will call in short word as Savage Arms B. It groups 1" easily at 100 yards and a little tighter if I do my part and get rid of the shakes. Both of terrain and darkness. Savage's AccuTrigger® enables shooters to obtain exceptional accuracy with the B. Short sections are hooked together by the attached chain to form a somewhat flexible assembly. Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry. 17 WSM cartridge which is a varmint hunters dream. B-mag. MAG . Equally, it works well with fixed magnification scopes such as x10. Savage 17 wsm b mag adding recoil lug and painting. Drilled and tapped for scope mounts and includes bases. I have a little more to add of what was done to my B Mag to improve the accuracy. Please use the stock watch feature to be notified once the item is available to order. 17 WSM Semi-Auto Rifle. Velocity erodes, mass does not. So I replaced it with a Boyd's stock and bedded the action the accuracy was excellent. MAG rifles can go to the Savage Arms website and enter their rifle’s serial number to see if it is a part of the recall. CLICK HERE for full accuracy test results. While we initially did not include the 7mm Rem Mag in our ammo section, it actually does have a sniper history, primarily with the US Secret Service. by which all accuracy is judged, rightly or wrongly. The rifle was their new B-Mag bolt action, and the cartridge was the . MAG as a “truck gun”. 5/8"-24 threaded barrel is cold hammer-forged, resulting in ultra-precise rifling that provides exceptional accuracy, longevity and easy cleaning. Since the B-Mag action is a new design, it seems possible that Savage put them into production before "the bugs" were worked out, so that they could be "first to market" with the new 17 WSM cartridge. I talked to Brad and he stated he will respond to this post more in detail after the Holidays. 22 LR ammo (or even 17 HMR). Chris Parkin tests out the Savage B-Mag . Chuck Hawks shares . MAG uses a thread-in headspacing system that is very similar to the more expensive centerfire rifles in the Savage catalog. According to Savage reps at the SHOT Show, this headspacing system significantly enhances accuracy. To test the accuracy, the Savage B. The SmartStock is a barrel harmonic tuning system that works with your Bell and Carlson rifle stock to give you sniper-like accuracy. This is a great rifle and a great cartridge for varmints and small The B. MAG TION CARD Please complete and return this card within 10 days from the date you purchased your firearm. 17 WSM Bolt-Action Rifle has a wooden stock and a blued receiver. savage b-mag 17wsm cerakoted with hawke scope The B. I matted a BSA Super 17 4. Mag, allowing easy adjustment to desired weight of pull for a light, crisp release with no creep. MAG rifles may inadvertently catch the safety button and slide it forward into the "fire" position. - RESIGNED My Marlin 17HMS is my most accurate firearm. Scanning all available deals for Savage B Mag 17 Wsm shows that the average price across all deals is $151. 17 WSM by Member-Deleted » Sun Feb 09, 2014 1:41 am Instead of waiting 6 months+ for win aus to do something that would of cost me $1640 for the rifle. 304 MOA average for three, 5-shot groups. The extra power doesn't help without accuracy. MAG rifles is capable of inadvertently catching the safety release and sliding it forward The BMag was a complete mess. Savage Arms is the leader in accuracy, quality and value Owners of a Savage Arms B. In some cases, the cartridge you want to shoot will dictate the type of rifle available. Over the time it has been ranked as high as 1 623 299 in the world, while most of its traffic comes from Romania, where it reached as high as 14 613 position. MAG TARGET . This condition is primarily present if downward pressure is applied to the bolt too early while pushing it forward. I ended up selling it because i wanted a bull barrel that would be worth rebedding with a nice stock. Boyds Savage B-Mag FeatherWeight, Factory Tapered Barrel Laminated Wood Stock- Autumn $154. When used un-annealed, the new style 180 grain VLD is more suited to heavy bodied medium game at extended ranges, filling its own niche. They will not match the SIG P-210 nor the FN Competition or a target-grade custom 1911, but like the Hi Power, they will be capable of accuracy that is beyond most shooters, particularly under field conditions or if under the stress of a gun fight. It's Easy! All stocks need pillars, even stocks with aluminum bedding blocks. Mag before I had it calm enough to get some good groups. Super Magnum cartridge, which creates unprecedented rimfire velocities of up to 3,000 feet per second. Mag action is unusual in that it uses dual, opposed, rear locking lugs and cocks on closing. A friend of mine purchased a Savage B-Mag in 17 WSM and has since sold it. Mag was designed to deliver that blistering speed with all the accuracy of a Savage. 204 Ruger - We optimize this chambering for the 32 gr bullet to achieve maximum accuracy at the 4000-4200 fps velocities it's capable of shooting. Mag is a bolt-action rifle, and the gun cocks upon closing, not upon opening. com and on Enter the RVB Precision Bore Guide for the 17HMR rifle. 17 HMR The Rifle of The Range Riders This is the rifle the range riders of the 1800’s would have loved to have had close at hand for picking off varmints or just plinking at whiskey bottles. This rimfire rifle is drilled and tapped for easy installation of your favorite scope. 8" long and 0. Articles tagged with "Savage B. 17 HMR eventually Savage will improve the design and other manufactures will enter the market. Take a look on youtube for a poster with the handle of cavedweller1959 – he has several videos out about why the accuracy on an out-of-the-box BMag is bad, how it performs, how to fix it, how it performs post-fix. Hopefully savage will correct the issues and boyds will release a laminate stock and life will be good again. Hopefully, over time, better ammo and rifle variety will improve. 99. I bought one and a swag of ammo and could'nt get better than 3" groups at 100Yds. Accurate. I won't go as far as to belittle the, uh, little . Mag is beautiful and functional. Super Mag cartridge. Works great when using Picatinny and Weaver style rings on those really long, large objective high powered scopes. Uniquely, it was designed for accuracy with long-range competition in mind. MAG, Savage has created a rifle that has many features previously found only in their centerfire rifles, including their thread-in barrel headspacing system, rear-locking lugs, cock-on-close bolt and their popular AccuTrigger™. Rated 5 out of 5 by Jam Debris from I N C R E D I B L E I just received my B. The Savage Arms B. The Savage B. Mag and added UTG AccuShot Medium Profile 1” Scope Rings. I found the B-MAG with the bull barrel at Dick’s Sporting Goods here in Tampa, and bought it. I got excited about the 17 HMR because it was really something new and filled a gap in shooting enjoyment. The RIM series Rotary Indexing Magazines turns your QB, Crosman 22xx or Benjamin Discovery air rifle into a repeater. Installing a boyds RH stock greatly improve the looks but did nothing for the accuracy by itself. 17WSM and Savage B Mag Rifle. This likely was a truck gun for the gentleman that traded it in, simply looking at the wear on the bottom of the forend, however this is simply an observation. Re: . If it is, they are eligible to receive a free retrofit part and instructions on how to install it. And to add even more, the new Savage B. Mag features a completely new compact rimfire action with rear locking lugs as well as a cock-on-close bolt, while keeping the same thread-in barrel headspacing system as the rest of their centerfire rifles. CAUTION: The author of this blog has not independently verified the accuracy of the data contained on this site. After tweaking the wind and elevation a bit see attached photos! Absolutely incredible rifle. Trupay Web Application. MAG is obviously intended for varmint shooting, so I ran it hot for five five-shot groups before allowing it to cool down. Fill out the form below to start your Item Search. SAVAGE BMAG TARGET 17 WSM REVIEW 22plinkster. Although I can understand the reasoning behind that statement, I also think that tends to relegate it to something that it is not. MAG rifle in . Mag utilizes Savage’s thread-in barrel head spacing system, rear-locking lugs and a cock-on-close bolt capped off with the light, crisp AccuTrigger. MAG rifles manufactured after mid-2014, have the 1:8″ twist. This point of view, based only on shooting range results, does not easily transfer to the field, where a one- or 2-inch circle or diamond is not stapled to the side of a coyote, deer or wilde- beest. Shooting the new 17 Win Super Mag ammo from a pre-production Savage B. I have the B Mag and was having some accuracy issues @ 50 & 100yds. 36 deals were found for Savage B Mag 17 Wsm. They do NOT fit the large shank 10/110 Target actions, nor the large shank 10/110 WSM actions. 17 Winchester Super Magnum. Bmag accuracy improvements. Shooting the Savage B-MAG 17 Winchester Super Magnum Rimfire Bolt-Action Rifle - Gunblast. Savage B. Keeps concrete confined in order to stop segregation and maintain concrete quality. 17 Winchester Super Magnum and Savage B-Mag Rifle Range Report I agree that the accuracy is not great. Deals are available from 7 stores and 5 brands. 196 inches. Mag Target. Uncompromising quality is achieved by crafting barrels using a hands-on approach in production. Lorem Ipsum has been the industry's standard dummy text Green Mountain Rifle Barrels provide the world's best competitive shooters and enthusiasts with accuracy and dependability they can count on. 17 Remington Fireball and so on, but the cartridges detailed above are the main players on the current seventeen scene. MAG came with a 1:9″ twist, which the majority of . One thing that sets the American Rimfires apart from their centerfire brothers is that all the rimfire models have barrel-mounted, 10/22-style, adjustable V-slot "White Diamond" folding-leaf rear sights and green Williams fiber-optic front sights. Mag HB owners end up resting the rifle on the magazine to prevent contact or they restock the rifle with a Boyd’s. is dedicated to producing premium quality goods for the sporting firearms industry, focusing on exceptional accuracy and performance in custom barrel manufacturing. I did do a glass and pillar bed job on it, free floated the barrel, and installed a Rifle Basix trigger on it, but its out of box accuracy from the factory was very good to begin with. The power differential between the 17WSM and other rimfire cartridges is incredibly obvious. I had a Savage B-mag with the sporter barrel and could not make it group at all. The cartridge itself was launched in 2013, but with very limited options for rifles available until the B-Mag hit the shelves. The wait is over - the new Volquartsen Semi-Auto 17 WSM Rifle is now shipping. I don't think Savage would ignore the accuracy you're getting out of the gun if they believed it was the gun. For delivering such a solid rifle at a good price, the Woodsman earned this year’s Great Buy award. Detachable Box Mag Systems - Bottom Metal Installation is FREE at CDiPrecision, so add Stock Inletting or Full Install to your shopping cart and send us your rifle for installation by the experts. The first B Mag rifle sold for around $ 300 and the new heavy barrel price is around $ 400. MAG an even more accurate platform. I saw someone online refer to the new Savage B. I also have a B Mag. Though it is a traditional format of a bolt action with detachable magazine and laminate stock for sporting use, it uses a medium-heavy varmint/target barrel for better accuracy and has a completely new action design. Janet Agnoletti Barrington Area Council of Governments Mr. Picked up a standard barrel B-mag last fall, wanted it for coyote hunting. The problem is in the clip on the Savage, but they will not admit they have a problem. 17 WSM ammo on the computer. As we get more crowded and the open country becomes more and more scarce, the relative quiet and accurate 17 HMR is an excellent choice. 17 Rifle Accuracy Test Results. In order to maximize accuracy in this long-range shooter, the B. Let's see it below. It has a flush-fit, center-feed rotary magazine. Inconsistent stock contact is not great for accuracy so some B. Sniping Cartridges – 7mm Remington Magnum. Boyd's Featherweight Thumbhole * Stock designed for the Savage 17 B-Mag and comes complete with our aluminum trigger guard(13006). The gun is very accurate and a tack driver, just can’t put 5 rounds in the clip as advertised . B-MAG Contact List Contact List as of 10/22/03 Membership Ms. Purchasing my B-MAG was one of the most difficult decisions I have made, considering ALL of the negative comments about the stock, ejector issues, safety location, accuracy, and even ammo problems and availability. Also have videos on the NEW B-MAG on my channel. 184 likes. Mine is a stainless heavy barrel, and I have upgraded to a laminate stock. At $15+ per 50, it better be accurate. In short, the B. Mag is shipping before my son's birthday in September. At -22c I had 3030 fps at the muzzle average for the first 8 shots with 20gr. Add to Wishlist. It has a flush-fit center-feed rotary magazine. I have consistently found these pistols to be accurate. Bullberry Barrel Works, Ltd. 75" tactical bolt knob. Savage B-Mag Rifle Chambered in 17 Win Super Mag. I put a Boyds Tacticool stock on it and free floated the barrel and it still would not group at all. I own a Bmag and it is not very accurate at all. Thread-in barrel headspacing, rear-locking lugs and a cock-on-close bolt maximize accuracy at long ranges, while user-adjustable AccuTrigger technology allows a crisp, customized trigger pull. Features a visible, accessible and easy-to-actuate tang safety that provides instant security. Can be used with ANY barrel (1) ATTENTION CUSTOMERS: You will need to use the two escutcheons and action screws from the original stock. These are selling quickly right now and like the . Fun to shoot, inexpensive to shoot and best of all, deadly accurate. Using a 308 Winchester (30 TC, 300 Savage) case shortened to 1. Thread-in barrel headspacing, rear-locking lugs and a cock-on-close bolt maximize accuracy at long ranges, while user-adjustable AccuTrigger™ technology allows crisp, customized trigger pulls. Please enter a value 17WSM and Savage B Mag Rifle. I was getting aggravated and was tinkering with the rifle. Closing Comments Personally, I believe that the 7mm Remington Magnum is one of the very best cartridges available for western hunters. 17 HMR Zeroing in New BSA Scope. In the little Ruger, which suffered from a very heavy trigger, the most accurate ammo, by far, was the American Eagle, with an average 5-shot group size of 1. It has an 22" stainless steel barrel and laminated thumbhole stock. 17 WSM isn't for everyone for sure, but for longer-range small game and rimfire competitions it will do great; the Savage B. Pat Cascio’s Product Review: Ruger’s Model 77/17 in . Mag was sighted in for 100 yards using the 20 gr. With scope my weighs in at a tad under 7 lbs. I realize there are other guns on the market now, but back when it came out the ammo itself was garbage, so I'd make sure people are actually getting sub moa groups, otherwise just buy a 17 HMR and be done with it. It should also be noted that the Savage B. The Savage Arms BMAG is a great choice for recreational shooting , small game varmint hunting, and competitive shooting applications. The receiver and barrel have a stainless finish. Beautiful wood and butter smooth action it may not have, but accuracy it does. This gun is pre-owned, but is in good condition overall and has a very minimal amount of wear. It's a unique cartridge that does what no rimfire has done before. It's the fastest rimfire ever designed and actually performs spectacularly — for a rimfire. . by Al the Infidel. Mag Super Magnum cartridge, the B. Summer 2015. This handle greatly improves the bolt cycling characteristics of the Savage B. mag SAVAGE ARMS B. 17 WSM is a laser beam compared to 2,400 fps with a similar weight projectile from its . MAG was designed to deliver that blistering speed with all the accuracy of a Savage. They used the 7mm Rem Mag for a good number of years using ammo loaded by HSM. The 50 yard target wasn’t much better. Prepara-te para a Batalha numa escala sem precedentes These are the best . It has a loud bark but not as much as even the mildest centerfires. Our engineers have continued to perfect manufacturing methods since 1981. edu Accuracy is unaffected providing care is taken. In order to maximize accuracy in this long-range shooter, we have utilized our unique thread-in barrel headspacing system, rear-locking lugs and a cock-on-close bolt. Out the 100 and I had as good a grouping as I can do on any rifle - 5 shots 1. I went through five different range sessions with the Savage B. Savage has discovered that the bolt on some B. MAG rifles with a serial number below J800928 are included in this recall. With the new B. Mag does the trick. 1 Super Magnum is the new kid on the block in terms of ammunition cartridges. Mag Heavy Barrel Bolt 17 Winchester Super Magnum (WSM) 22 8+1 Laminate Gray Stk Black to your wish list. Owners of a Savage Arms B. Although The High Road has attempted to provide accurate information on the forum, The High Road assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information. He was planning on getting a 17 HMR this spring and I talked him into looking at the 17WMR before he decides. Solid, heat-treated alloy and stainless steel actions feature a rugged, stainless steel bolt with 90° bolt lift and ultra-fast lock time for added accuracy. In January of 2013 Savage Arms announced an all new rifle chambered for an all new rimfire cartridge. Had the B-mag in my hand and backed out. The BMAG is chambered in . The Savage 110 BA is a bolt-action sniper/tactical rifle manufactured by the Savage Arms Company. At 3,000-FPS, the new 17 Win Super Mag is the fastest, flattest-shooting rimfire cartridge in the world. Ruger has had a problem with accuracy in their gun in recent years. The 1 Yard Aluminum Concrete Bucket BB-10 by M&B Mag allows you to pour more concrete at each crane cycle. So far, then, it appears the ammo is pretty darn accurate for mass-produced rimfire cartridge. Once we do, we will announce it on the front page of SavageArms. He didn't comment on the accuracy, but stated that the bolt was very hard to lock down. Some posted pics of the ammo which were defective and there was one person that separated the ammo by weight an another suggested separating the ammo by rim thicknes to get improved accuracy. EABCO Accuracy Barrels® - Our EABCO Accuracy Barrels® fit the most common Savage 10/110 series actions. 17 WSM rifle built by Savage is designed to shoot the new . Photo may not accurately depict the item listed. Mag utilizes Savage's thread-in barrel head spacing system, rear-locking lugs and a cock-on-close bolt The Savage Arms B. 17 WSM (Winchester Super Magnum) round first came out, and I believe it was Savage Arms who was the first gun maker to chamber this hot, new round in their rifle. For optimum accuracy, a rifle should always be bedded at the action and beginning of the barrel. Mag Bolt Action 17 WSM Rifle with its stainless steel heavy barrel gives you new levels of accuracy. MAG is going to see to that. Easy One-MOA Accuracy, Even in High Winds We had a chance to shoot some 25-grain 17 WSM ammo through a new Savage B-Mag rifle. I personally like this feature on a bolt-action rifle. In addition to looking cool, our short barrel seems to perform quite well. Single-column detachable box magazine. Most disconcerting: I, and many other new B. Notice Savage Bmag Sporter Bolt Action Rimfire Bulk Item. Maybe not all but enough to make buying one an iffy proposition. MAG Target represents a whole new class of rimfire rifle. ENHANCED ACCURACY. Varmint Express . Want to learn more about firearms? Sdi. I got trigger as low as it would go, I went through the recommended barrel break in procedures as well. ro reputation at lots of sites, including Siteadvisor and MyWOT. Accuracy with the B Mag is satisfactory, mine has been sub-MOA in every group I have fired with both bullets available for it. Click here to show all items matching your selected options. The Series 'B Mag' magnetic coupled pumps are sealless and leakproof, providing total solution and vapor containment. But usually the crowdsourced data we have is pretty accurate. mag 8rd Magazine 17wsm Savage For people who are searching for Savage Arms B. MAG Gray Laminate Thumbhole Stock ($566) offers all of the above features with the addition of a gray laminate thumbhole stock with a ventilated forearm that features two sling-swivel studs to allow both a sling and a bipod to be installed at the same time. The round receiver measures 5. 75" grouping. mag 8rd Magazine 17wsm Savage review. My HMR will shoot 1/2"-3/4" groups all day once the barrel gets dirty. An additional discount is available for 7 items. 243 Win is a 1:8 twist so it will shoot off-the-shelf 100 gr ammo with superb accuracy. Introduced in 2013, the Savage B-Mag was built around the zippy new . Of course, we would never dream of engineering an accuracy machine like the B. 5-14×44 optic on top of this B. These pumps feature a shaft and bearing free design that allows them to be used for electroless solutions. The accuracy is definitely limited by me not the rifle. Power Bedding for on-target accuracy; Savage® Arms 93R17 Bolt-Action Rimfire Rifles – Hardwood Stock, AccuTrigger™ and Heavy Barrel Savage® Arms B. 204 works with the 223 bolt face and magazine. Trigger kit for Bmag. ” Ok, let’s cut to the chase: the new Winchester cartridge is pushing a 20 grain bullet at 3,000 fps. Loading Unsubscribe from 22plinkster? Savage B-Mag 17 WSM Review, Bedding, Prairie Dog Shoot-RGO Ep 50 - Duration: 12:59. The Savage BMAG Target Rifle with Laminate Thumbhole Stock has been announced and should be available soon at retailers across the country. Introducing the new Savage B. MAG Heavy Barrel Laminate Stock was built around the 17 Win. Offering Thread-in barrel headspacing, rear-locking lugs and a cock-on-close bolt maximize accuracy at long ranges, while user-adjustable AccuTrigger technology allows crisp, customized trigger pulls. 1:12 is the twist rate we use. Formulated using several of the very most robust and dependable resources in existence, these Magazines via Savage will provide you with something that will give a great deal of consistency. MAG is the first factory rifle that is chambered in the new . polymer tip cartridge. Click the button below to add the Savage 96970 B. MAG), and cleaning the rifles up, I headed to the range. Add to Compare. The system consists of a mount that clamps onto your rifle's breech and 1 or more magazines that slide into the mount and lock in place. On several occasions I had three bullets snuggled inside an inch and another squeeze or two on the trigger would more than double group size. 17 WSM is the fastest, flattest-shooting rimfire cartridge in the world and this Savage Rifle was built to do the legendary cartridge justice. This unique plunger style magentic brush is perfect for cleaning up around the shop after a long day of metal working. Unfortunately, I only received 100-rds of . savage . Special Accuracy Barrels (See More Detail Below)-Our . 17 WSM made before September 2015 can receive a free retrofit kit from the company, due to a fault discovered with the gun. To make the most of the load’s potential, Savage gave the rifle features usually reserved for centerfires, such as an action with rear locking lugs, a cock-on-close bolt T=B Mag . Banner Rifle Scope 4-12x 40mm Matte Black BMag 350 Bright. How to convert your aluminum bedding block stock to the more accurate pillar bedding system, in 17 photos. 172 caliber rifles use. If you're browsing for a great offer for the Savage Magazine BMAG SERIES 17WSM 8 Round, then you've come to the right spot. Too fast a twist simply overspins the bullet and may result in reduced accuracy. The Savage BMAG is chambered in the new 17WSM caliber, and features a standard weight blued barrel and comes equipped with the consumer adjustable Accutrigger. mag 8rd Magazine 17wsm Savage is best in online store. Unlike the limited availability of guns chambered in 22 Hornet, rifles such as the 1885 Rimfire and the Savage Arms B-Mag have already pioneered the . Add To Cart. The barreled action is supplied with a matte black finish. I am shooting the 25 grain bullets and they do come out of the barrel at 2600+ fps but the best group I can get is 3 inches at 100 yards. Here at Guns and Shooting Online we have had the opportunity to review many . 17 WSM all total, and in short order, that ammo was burned-up. B-MAG | M5000 WRAS, OIML & MID Approved Class 1 and 2 The M5000 Battery powered Electromagnetic flow meter series is designed to suit a broad range of applications where power Available with a single internal battery for up to 6 years service, a double internal battery for up to 20 years service or with AC or DC power with battery backup in the event of power failure, these Mag meters have Please be warned that to describe security status of Bmag. Moreover, the quality of the rifles is extremely well to provide you the best chance. It has an 22" stainless steel barrel and gray laminated thumbhole stock. No other Savage firearms are affected by this condition. 17 Win. Accuracy hovered just over 1/2 MOA and felt recoil was very manageable. 17 WSM Hugh James Latimer July 13, 2015 July 13, 2015 I remember when the . We do not have a date of availability for the new BMag rifle. The accuracy of a firearm depends on the shooter, the ammunition being used, the conditions, and the condition of the gun. I had the guy at the counter bringing out every B-Mag they had and each one looked and felt worse than the last one. Installing O-rings on my original Bmag showed the first signs of improvement. Deliver that blistering speed with all the accuracy of. 17 caliber rifles that are available in the market. Mag cocks the firing pin on the down stroke of the bolt. The Savage B Mag rifle is now being made with a heavy barrel that some claim is more accurate than the light weight barrel. One thing I discovered is that accuracy begins to suffer after 50 rounds or so. I intend on taking it out to shoot at least once before i rebed it and after as comparison. 12-12-2018 08:09 Use this forum to discuss ways to improve the accuracy and precision of rifles and pistols when shooting I am hoping the B. The Winchester HV was the worst, with a 2. At 3,000-FPS, the new 17 Win Super Mag holds the record for the fastest, flattest-shooting rimfire cartridge in the world. 2 MARK I, RASCAL, MARK II MODEL 93 AND B. MAG was created to deliver that blistering speed with all the accuracy of a Savage. As a side note, I looked on the computer at Academy and they show the . The rotary magazine holds eight rounds and functioned flawlessly. Mag utilizes Savage's thread-in barrel head spacing system, rear-locking lugs and a cock-on-close bolt Savage Arms 96970 17WSM B. Just put 4 rounds in the clip and load one round in the chamber , pull the clip and put one more round in it and now you have the 5 rounds to your access. August 24, 2015 Savage Arms has discovered that the bolt on some B. A lightweight aluminum bucket cuts dead weight and allows you to lift more concrete payload. 17WSM round. 223 Remington is set up with 1:12 twist to give best accuracy with varmint bullets from 40-55 gr weight. 95" wide. FEATURES-Matte black synthetic stock-Matte black carbon steel barrel-Drilled and tapped for scope mounts-AccuTrigger-Detachable rotary magazine Hello! Today I am selling this Savage B-Mag chambered in 17 Winchester Super Magnum. Mag was equipped with a 3. Mag Sporter . 17 WSM 8 Round Magazine available at a great price in our Rifle Mags collection In order to maximize accuracy in this long-range shooter, the B. Mag Sporter has a matte black finished steel barrel and receiver, and a rugged, weather-resistant wood-laminate stock. There is no doubt that Savage makes accurate guns, but the look and feel of the rifles polarise opinions, between those that consider them a work tool and others wanting a rifle that shows a little more grace. 17 Mach 2, the accurate but short-lived . MAG Stainless Heavy Barrel represents a whole new class of rimfire rifle. One end is swagged down to fit completely into the chamber of a 17HMR rifle. And the new Savage B. We do have factory specifications for accuracy on all of our firearms. The Fatsest Rimfire in the World. Mag's nonrotating bolt is designed specifically for the . Re: Savage B-Mag . If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. Dependable. Ken Alderson IL Municipal League Mr. 3 week turnaround or faster. 17 WSM is a highly accurate, lethal round out to 200 yards, great for varmint and coyote applications and assuredly pelt-friendly. Mag today, mounted a Leupold 18X scope on it, sighted in at 50 yds. In the battle between accuracy and velocity, accuracy always wins. We’ll assume your stand is in the right spot and suggest the Banner Dusk & Dawn series to capitalize on the latter. As most shooters know by now, the Accu-Trigger is a light, crisp, two-stage design that houses a safety lever within the trigger shoe, helping reduce negligent discharges and, specifically, accidental detonations from For a budget-friendly rifle that’s built to last, incredibly accurate and enjoyable to shoot, Savage’s B. This polymer-tipped ammo showed its capability to buck the wind way better than . Massive Action Game . SAVAGE A17-- TRIGGER GROUP REVIEW. The new rimfire promises “pinpoint accuracy” and the “downrange performance of a centerfire cartridge. This optic is very clean and clear is designed for the . Failure to follow safe loading practices could result in severe personal injury (including death) or gun damage to the user or bystanders. Backorders: Savage Arms products are only available through distributors and we do not accept backorders. You will have to register before you will be permitted to post: click the register link above to proceed. I just don't want to be dissapointed with accuracy of the WSM if I purchase one. At a whopping 3,000 fps with a 20 grain bullet, the . My Bmag and many others had ejection, extraction, bore imperfections and most importantly accuracy issues. Mag Target Thumbhole in . 17 caliber rimfire rifles and we are continuing to do so. 17 WSM market. Totally unaffected by any type of cleaning solution you might use. 17 Winchester Super Magnum rimfire cartridge. Hornady® 17 WSM. My bore guides is made of 7075 anodized aluminum tubing. The face of the bolt encloses the base of the cartridge on 3 sides, open only on the bottom. Mag utilizes Savage's thread-in barrel head spacing system, rear-locking lugs and a cock-on-close bolt capped off with the light, crisp AccuTrigger. You will always get clean kills and great accuracy from the caliber. 17 WSM cartridge; it has dual, opposing rear locking lugs, and cocks on closing. MAG rifles is capable of inadvertently catching the safety release and sliding it forward If you'll be shooting one bullet weight, choose a twist from the chart just fast enough to stabilize it. Detachable rotary magazine features a unique rotor to separate cartridges and provide reliable feeding. New to Gun Genie? Click here for a tutorial. At Media Day we had the chance to try out the new 3000 FPS rimfire ammo from Winchester. By that I mean 3-4'' groups at 50yds,that is just not acceptable. 135 MOA at 100 yards. 17 HMR . Mag, which is a departure from its usual fare. Mag owners on the internet have found that the factory stock bows like a rainbow internally and contacts the barrel near the midway mark. 17 WSM 22" SS Heavy 96972 Description: Brand New in the Box, Ready to Ship! Buy It Now!! No wonder it's called "the fastest rimfire in the world". I like the adjustable trigger it is very good. MAG" Winchester 17 Win Super Mag Rimfire. MAG also has Savage’s game-changing AccuTrigger™, which shooters can safely adjust for a light, clean pull. 92. We've more info about Detail, Specification, Customer Reviews and Comparison Price. At the 2014 NRA Show, Savage debuted the newest extension of their B-Mag lineup with an offering that features a 22-inch stainless steel bull barrel for achieving greater velocities and 110084 (1/16) Rev. The B-Mag . Mag rifle is based on an entirely new bolt action designed and sized specifically for the . Thomas Brooks IL Department of Transportation - Bureau of Design and Environment Mr. With the nominal drop at the heel, the high-rise mounts needed for the big 50mm objective lens put the scope at a very comfortable eye level. By the Guns and Shooting Online Staff. Boyds stocks are engineered to perfectly fit the gun. 17 Winchester Super Magnum cartridge, the Savage Arms BMAG XP . com. Simply wave the Magnetic Stick over the metal shavings to pick them up, carry them over to your scrap barrel, pull the plunger The cutting-edge Savage B. Speaking of cleaning, both rifles have unconventional internals. All information is provided "as is" with all faults without warranty of any kind, either express or implied. Only B. Gun control defined: The theory that people who are willing to ignore laws against rape, torture, kidnapping, theft, and murder will obey a law which prohibits them from owning a firearm. Mag Target rifle is chambered in 17 Winchester Super Magnum with a 8+1 capacity. Owners of B. detail savage arms b. Boyd is making a laminated wood stock for the B Mag rifle which may also help with the accuracy problem. A friend of mine has the standard barrel and it shoots terrible (2+" 3 shot groups at 100 yards). Please be sure to carefully read the title and description of item before placing your order. THE MODEL 597 FEATURING THE MODEL 597 HB. Sportsman's Guide has your Savage B. Mag, but there are a lot of theories out there right now. Mounts flush with the stock to eliminate protrusions at the rifle's balance point. In my case, the accuracy issues are all related to barrel flex and barrel harmonics. Designed specifically for the . MCM creates precise, powerful and highly valuable audience segments to match your ideal prospect, using the science of strategic online marketing to deliver results. That’s good, we can’t cut it any longer. The 17 Win Super Mag, the world’s fastest rimfire, is now available in semi-auto! You read that correctly - 3000 fps from a rimfire semi-auto. 17 HMR Accuracy Test. Just be aware it's cock on close, not a big deal when you get used to it, but it was causing issues for one of my friends that shot it. Last updated on December 11, 2018. ro is tracked by us since September, 2016. Haven't used it much, but I'm happy with it so far. Has anyone tried the Savage B Mag in 17WSM? Is it an accurate rig for bench rest work of just plinking? is the 17 WSM a good choice? The original Savage B. After my hair-raising, near-purchase experience with the original BMAG, I’ll be sitting it out for a while longer. To help shooters milk the best accuracy possible out of their B-MAG rifles, Savage specced the model with the AccuTrigger. MAG represents a whole new class of rimfire rifle. Rapid heat-up most definitely affected accuracy. Offers minute-of-angle accuracy that can make every hunt a success. The venerable Model 597, semi-auto rifle is the perfect blend of smooth handling rimfire fun and on-target performance. 370 Followers, 649 Following, 0 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Bryan Alfred Maglonzo (@b_mag25) Taking a brief look at this sweet shooter. 17 WSM they divide opinion, but as Chris found when he headed out to the rabbit-filled fields, you can’t deny their accuracy! Savage has introduced it in its new rifle, the B. Easy and fast. We find the mil dot reticle to be useful in shooting various ranges out to 300 yards. Mag HB Accuracy Savage B mag in 17 WSM with the stainless steel heavy barrel is a nice rifle. 5-10x50 Vortex Diamondback scope. Bmag’s parent company, , can still help you spread your message! MCM Digital is a full service digital agency specialising in quality online lead generation tactics. My original bmag with the contoured barrel was very accurate, but the stock sucked. (12 inch groups at 100yds with Winchester 20 grain ammo) Heavy Barrel Bmag Accuracy I picked up a new heavy barrel bmag the other day Because I wanted to try the new cartridge in a heavier rifle. Accuracy and range for this rifle typically will demand a variable magnification scope in the 4-16 range or similar. Those features, combined with a heavy stainless steel barrel and a grey laminate thumbhole stock, make the B. Bill Compton Caterpillar, Inc. On the other hand, a twist too slow for any bullet will likely produce instability, keyholing and rotten accuracy. Accuracy testing was performed on sandbags at 100 yards, with a 5-10 knot wind, ranging from full value to 3/4 value, left-to-right. The Savage, Marlin and CZ are just one average better shooters. Easy to load and affordable, you'll never shoot again without them. Overall I'm pleased with my purchase. The . Mag is an impressive magnum capable rimfire precision bolt action from Savage! This rifle is an excellent platform for recreational shooting but will really excel in the field targeting varmints at long range. Mag Heavy Barrel Gray Laminate Stock 8Rd. MAG by Savage represents a whole new class of rimfire rifle. As opposed to many bolt action rifles, the Savage B. 17 b. MAG rifle (more on that later), we were able to shoot minute-of-angle groups with a pretty primitive rest set up. So, when I saw a B-Mag and ammunition in my local gun shop, I decided it was time to start shooting one myself and dispel any myths. 17WSM Bolt-Action Rimfire Rifle shoots at absolutely blistering speeds of 3,000 fps. There are others, such as the excellent, mild-mannered . The BMAG Heavy Barrel is an extension of the BMAG Rifle from Savage that was introduced in 2013. 920 inches, it will feed through the shortest existing bolt actions, but remains supersonic to well beyond 1000 yards. The Savage B-MAG rifle offers shooters a varmint cartridge that bridges the gap between the rimfire 17 HMR and the new centerfire 17 Hornet cartridges, with performance that is closer to the Hornet, but with ammunition cost that is closer to the HMR. They don't guarantee accuracy but they aren't unreasonable either. Unfortunately, we did not find sufficient information whether B-mag is safe for children or does not look fraudulent. Please enter a value. Even testing this rifle for accuracy is a pain in the ass because of the stock. 17 HMR counterpart. Well the new rimfire cartridge is here and it is a smoking hot round: the . SINCE 1981. 17 Winchester Super Magnum, which at 3,000 feet-per-second is the fastest-shooting rimfire cartridge in the world. mag 17wsm ss/lam thbhl hvbbl 96972 | laminate thumbhole stk 17 wsm svbmagthhb17wsmmsrp: $579 No items are in-stock that match the options you selected. Savage Laminated Thumbhole Stock for Detachable Mag 10/11/12/14/16 Rifles - Designed for accuracy in structure as well as shootability, this graceful riflestock fits modern short action Savage Rifles*. Our . Over the time it has been ranked as high as 281 099 in the world, while most of its traffic comes from Russian Federation, where it reached as high as 16 646 position. These rifles cock on the downward stroke of the bolt. I've found over the years (I'm pretty old) that most problems can be made right with clear and reasonable communication
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