Underground Railroad Film Series

Using the metaphor of a series of strategically located “safe houses” the Underground Railroad Film Series (URFS) is a series of intimate screenings that take place in various venues in greater King County, such as homes, community organizations, churches, libraries and other small venues. Each of these venues hosts a screening of a unique film from the African American perspective that intersects across cultures, providing opportunities for community engagement and self-reflection. This moveable feast of provocative films features post-screening panels that provide context and stimulate thoughtful discussions that connect audiences across the aisles and across neighborhoods. The series includes opportunities for community members to facilitate the post-screening discussions.

The URFS uses the metaphor of the Underground Railroad to illuminate that community can exist over many miles and many backgrounds with one common cause. Over the years it has offered monthly and quarterly grassroots collaboration with neighborhood groups and other organizations.

The film series runs each month from September through February.

The Underground Railroad Film Series has been made possible through the generous support of