Langston Hughes Artistic Partnership Program

The mission of the Langston Hughes Artistic Partnership Program is to create dynamic programming with a broad array of artists and groups that propel Langston Hughes Performing Arts Institute as an artistic gathering and training ground for the benefit of the participating artists and community constituents.

The Artistic Partnership program is expressly for artistic programming, not to be confused with partnerships and collaborations between other facilities or partnerships with other groups in producing their programs in their buildings.

There are four basic categories in the Artistic Partnership Program:

Artist Partnerships
Facilitate performance opportunities for artists and arts organizations in need of a performing space.

Sustainable Partnership
Work with producing organizations to establish LHPIC as a satellite venue for one or more of their performances.

Accessibility Partnerships
Encourage amateur artists to hone their craft through performance opportunities.

School- /Student Partnerships
Work with schools and students directly as an incubator for ideas and a performance training ground.

  • In-house Partners
    • Tsehay Collection (Tsehay Bojia, Costume Designer): Her work is influenced by her prior education, a Master of Science in organic chemistry from Azerbaijan State University, Baku, Azerbaijan; and in industrial quality management from Addis Abeba University in Ethiopia