Langston Hughes Performing Arts Institute (LHPAI)

Mission Statement: Langston Hughes Performing Arts Institute celebrates, nurtures, preserves and presents African American and Diaspora performing arts, cultural wealth and iconic legacies.

LHPAI Values


  • Authentic African American performing arts and cultural legacies ensure community capacity building and developing connections between and within racially and economically diverse segments of our communities.


  • Powerful performing arts transform and influence lives for children, youth and adults through direct involvement with the art and artists in a nurturing and sustainable environment.

Civic Engagement

  • Welcoming community performing arts partnerships nurture an African American Performing Arts perspective, build visibility, and enhance arts understanding through a race and social equity lens.

LHPAI Principles

  • Establishing performing arts leadership representing the ethnic, racial and cultural experiences of the African American Diaspora is timeless; and
  • Sustaining, nurturing and presenting African American and Diaspora performing arts is crucial for vibrant cultural landscapes; and
  • Exploring the evolving African American and Diaspora Performing Arts locally, nationally and globally is a critical factor in building dynamic artistic cultural communities and strong civic arts ecology.